How to rearrange furniture

You might live in a small house where you have limited space for furniture, so moving things around is the only way to give your home an uplift without breaking the bank. Perhaps you’ve moved into a new home which was furnished and now you want to make it your own without having to buy new furniture – the best way is to shift furniture around.

Or maybe, you’re one of the many people who can’t stand to see their home the same for long periods of time. You have a furniture moving itch that makes you need to rearrange the way your whole house looks every so often to the point that when you go to your friend’s place you have to hold your tongue to not say “why don’t you move this and that over there?”.

Rearranging furniture can lift your mood, encourage you to declutter and give an opportunity to let your creativity run free. If you live alone and can’t move heavy items of furniture by yourself, perhaps stick to changing accessories or small pieces of décor, such as picture frames and shelves. Don’t fret if you need another pair of hands for heavier items, our London handymen can help you lift and shift furniture to make your house feel like home.

Do you want to rearrange your living room? Maybe you’ve just searched how to rearrange your office? No matter if you want to rearrange the furniture in one of your rooms or want to completely change up the furniture around your whole house, we’ve put together some tips on how to best go about doing it.

1. Measure it out.

When you are moving furniture from one room to the other make sure to measure it, otherwise, you might go through the trouble of moving it and then having to move it back as it didn’t fit that perfect spot.

2. Find a focal point.

To give rooms more structure, find the focal point of the room and arrange furniture around it. This focal point could be a large window, fireplace or simply your television. An alternative is to focus on the conversation areas of the room by positioning your sofas and chairs in a way so people can have conversations without having to shout across the room or twist their necks to talk to each other.

3. Think about balance.

It’s important to consider the size, shape and placement of your furniture to give your rooms a balanced feel. For instance, don’t group all the small or large pieces of furniture in one area, spread them around to create a visually interesting décor.

4. Consider traffic flow.

Make sure there is enough space for people to walk around your home without tripping on furniture or having to climb on your sofa to go to the bathroom. Create unobstructed paths for people to walk from one room to the other without any issue.

5. Get creative.

If you’re feeling like changing up furniture in your home, go for it and get creative with it. What’s the worst that can happen? Perhaps not liking something in its new place and changing it to another or back to where it was before.

Maybe you are looking for ways to rearrange your room to make it look bigger? To make the most out of small rooms, we would recommend reading our blog post on how to make your small room look bigger.

In case you need some help changing up your room, the Squad is only a phone call away. Give our team a ring on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a quote by filling our online booking form.

How to assemble flat pack furniture

We’ve all been there…. In the middle of boxes, fixings, furniture parts that don’t seem to fit together and instructions in a foreign language that might as well not have been included, regretting our decision to assemble flat pack furniture by ourselves in the first place. Maybe this example is a bit extreme, but you understand what we are going for, right?

Flat pack furniture is a nightmare for many people and if you are looking for “how to assemble flat pack furniture”, you might be one of those people. You dream of assembling your flat pack wardrobe or flat pack sofa without the headache, you wish that putting together your new flat pack cupboards or flat pack bedroom furniture with your partner goes smoothly without any arguments involved. Your dreams can turn into reality if you follow our flat pack furniture assembly tips! And if all fails, searching for flat pack furniture assembly near me will do the trick and our London handymen will be right over.

1. Get another pair of hands.

No matter what you are assembling, it’s important to have some assistance. A friend, family member, partner or simply an acquaintance that you’ve bribed with some blueberry muffins, having a second pair of hands to help you assemble flat pack furniture is essential.

2. Always be one step ahead.

You’ve ordered some Ikea flat pack or perhaps some flat back furniture from another website and are waiting for the furniture to arrive to find out what you need to assemble it. Don’t! Go to the furniture’s website and find the instructions and materials you’ll need ahead of time, so if you don’t have a certain tool, you can order it and then, as soon as you receive your furniture, you can assemble it on the day!

3. Choose the right place.

If you are trying to assemble a huge wardrobe in the living room but you want it to go to your bedroom, perhaps it would be smarter to assemble it in your bedroom. How are you going to move it to your bedroom afterwards? Each piece of the wardrobe might feel lightweight but when you put it all together, it will be too heavy for you and your friend to move it, and then you’ll end up with your wardrobe in the living room. Probably not the right place for it.

4. Study the instructions.

Quickly glaring at the instructions is not reading the instructions. Yes, it might look easy and you are confident that you’ll do it in no time, but what’s more likely to happen is you trying to balance three flat pack pieces with one hand and going through the instructions with the other, so everything doesn’t fall on the floor… Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and read the instructions thoroughly before starting the assembly.

5. Take your time.

Did you think that assembling your bedroom furniture was going to be easy and quick, so you had made lunch plans with your friends and now you’re considering cancelling? It might actually be good to take a break and then come back with a refreshed mindset, ready to finish the assembly. Perhaps you gave yourself a couple of hours to put together some flat pack chest of drawers and now are getting overwhelmed and stressed because it’s taking longer than you expected? Take your time. If you can’t finish it today, you will tomorrow.

6. Keep it tidy.

Do you have five different sizes of screws you need to assemble your flat pack bed and now they are all mixed together on the floor? You can do better than this. Separate them by size and shape, so then when you need a specific one, you know where it is.

7. Pay professionals to do it.

If you are getting frustrated and feeling like you’ve had enough of puzzling pieces of furniture together, maybe it’s time to give in. Perhaps you’ve already started to type “how much does it cost to put flat pack furniture together”. It’s okay to get someone else to do it. You tried, and now it’s just better for your mental health and for your relationship’s sake to call someone in to assemble flat pack furniture for you. It’s your lucky day! At the Handy Squad, we offer London flat pack assembly. So, get your phone out, dial 0800-0-12-12-12 and we’ll be with you in a jiffy.

Autumn home improvement projects

With the end of the hot summer days, autumn quickly approaches – leaves are turning yellow, weather is not too hot nor too cold, and there is a scent of spices in the air. After relaxing during summer on your much-needed holiday, you’ve ended up putting aside all of those home improvement tasks that you simply didn’t feel like completing then, so now it’s the right time! Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work.

Repair patios and driveways.

Small cracks and gaps might have appeared on your driveway or patio, which now have weeds and grass growing out of them. Don’t let them get comfortable and grow even further by plucking them and then fixing and sealing the cracks.

Caulk window and doors.

Don’t wait until the chilly days of winter to start welcoming you with cold and uncomfortable draughts to start sealing your windows and doors, do it now. Any type of opening on your windows and doors could be letting out warm air and letting in cold air, so start by finding where there are unwanted gaps in your home and cover them. If you need an extra pair of hands, get in touch with our handymen in London, who will be able to draughtproof your home in a jiffy!

Uplift your flooring.

Your flooring goes through a lot of wear and tear – moisture, excessive summer heat, objects falling on the ground, furniture scraping constantly, and so on. If your floors are looking scratched, damaged or dull, think about sanding them down and have them refinished or simply polish your wood floors to restore their shine.

Give your garden some attention.

From painting your garden fence and your shed to cleaning out your greenhouse and adding some outdoor lighting, make sure you give your garden a little bit of an upgrade. Our team can help you with a few things to get your garden to the next level, our professional decorators can paint your garden shed, our London electricians can change your outdoor lights and our experienced plumbers can install garden taps.

Upcycle old furniture.

If you want to change up something in your home, why not upcycle some old furniture and give it a new life? In case you want to make your home look a bit different without having to upcycle any furniture, you can also simply change the furniture around.

Bring autumn inside.

Time to add some warm colours into your home, including yellows, reds, oranges and browns. Whether you want to add some leaves, candles or a couple of new pillows and blankets – anything will do! Grab a warm cup of tea and enjoy the beauty of autumn!

How to make your workspace safe

Whether you have a restaurant, hairdressers, offices or any other workspace with staff, clients and customers, it’s important to ensure the safety of everyone involved during the coronavirus pandemic. To do this, you will need to make sure your workplace is COVID-secure as per the Government’s advice.

Start by carrying out a Covid-19 risk assessment in line with the guidance from the Health and Safety Executive. Once you’ve assessed the risks in your workplace, you will have to rethink your workspace and make the necessary changes to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Some physical changes that can be done, include:

Hygiene practices.

– Supplying hand sanitiser at entrances and exits, lifts, meeting rooms and bathrooms.
– Putting up signage reminding workers and customers of hygiene requirements.
– Installing more storage for clothes and bags of staff members.
– Replacing doors with handles with swing doors that can be open with shoulders and feet.
– Installing motion lights in rooms, including bathrooms.

Social distancing.

– Rearranging the workspace, including entrances, break rooms, common areas, canteens and more, to encourage distancing.
– Laying down floor markings at entrances/exits and around the workspace to indicate sensible distancing.
– Installing screens and barriers to separate people from each other.
– Arranging one-way traffic through the workplace.
– Reconfiguration of work stations so that workers are sat back-to-back or side-by-side rather than face-to-face.

At the Handy Squad, our team of expert handymen, electricians, carpenters and other high-experienced tradesmen can complete these changes to help your business open safely to the public and to ensure that your workspace is a safe environment to all. Give us a call today on 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill out our booking form to make your workspace COVID-19 secure.

How to prepare for a garden summer party

Whether you are throwing an afternoon tea party for your children or inviting some close family members for a socially distanced garden party, now it’s the perfect time to get your garden ready.

You might have been avoiding your garden since last summer and now the weeds are tall, the patio is grubby and your garden furniture is covered in cobwebs. So, before thinking about what sandwich to serve at your afternoon tea or what cocktail to make for your garden party, give your garden some much needed attention.

If you haven’t been ignoring your outdoor area, perhaps you have a green thumb and already have your weeds cut and plenty of flowers blooming in your garden. There are still things you can do to make sure your garden area is ready to welcome your guests.

Make your patio look brand-new.

Remove built-up slime, debris, grime and moss with a pressure washer. You can rent one or book our jet washing specialists today to do it for you, so you can sit down and relax. We can blast away any inch of dirtiness with a jet washer and make your patio look freshly laid again.

Perhaps you’ve noticed grass or weeds growing between your paving stones which are making some of the stones crack, don’t worry! Our team can repair your patio jointing and regrout paving stones.

Give your garden furniture an uplift.

Pressure washers can also be used to give garden furniture a serious clean. If your wooden garden furniture is already squeaky clean but needs its shine back, it’s time to treat it. Treating wooden furniture will give it a longer life, help resist the elements and make it look brand-new.

If there is no way to restore your furniture or if you’d prefer to purchase new garden furniture, go for it! There is no need to struggle for hours trying to build new flat-pack furniture, our handymen in London can assemble your flat-pack garden furniture in no time. Put the furniture assembly instructions down, give our team a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 and enjoy the sunny weather.

Paint your home’s exterior.

Give the outside of your home a lick of paint for a quick refresh. Even simply glossing your fence and shed will do wonders to the look of your home! If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, our London decorators will come to the rescue and give the outside of your home a new coat of paint.

Light the way.

Make sure your exterior lights are working properly and, in case you don’t have any installed, maybe it’s time to consider putting some lights outside. Not only do lights improve visibility when it starts getting dark but lights can also be highly decorative and add a special touch to your outdoor area. If you need the Squad to help with any of these tasks, don’t hesitate to contact our team, who will be happy to help!

How to display your indoor plants

Have you just bought your first succulent and are looking for the best way to display it? Or perhaps you are a long-time plant lover who can’t stop buying new plants for their collection, so you desperately need some ideas on how to best display your plants to help you transform your jungle into an organised and well-thought plant haven? Yes, it is something achievable!

House plants are not only a great way to add greenery to a house but will also refresh and purify the air, lift your mood and brighten up your rooms. Plus, the plethora of house plants that is available means that you can find the perfect plant for any room in your home – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, you name it! Just remember to match the right plant to the right lighting and growing conditions, so it can thrive and bloom.

1. Hang loose.

Hanging plant pots, vertical gardens and wall planters are a beautiful way to display your house plants. There are many ways you can hang your plants, from installing hooks to hang plants from the ceiling to attaching your plant pots to the wall and even mounting trays of succulents on the walls to create vertical gardens.

It’s important that your hooks and brackets are properly fitted to ensure that your plants will hang securely in place. Also, there are things to consider when hanging things on walls, for instance, the type of wall, positioning, hidden cables and pipes behind the walls and the size and weight of what you want to hang. So, maybe it’s best to leave to the professionals? Our handymen in London will be able to hang plant pots efficiently and promptly.

2. Shelf it.

Add a shelf above your bed, on top of your kitchen cupboards, next to your desk, in the corners of your room – wherever! Perhaps add a wall of shelves to fill it with plants, a great way to layer different sized plants and leaf shapes. If you can’t find the perfect shelf for your wall, why not go for bespoke shelves? Custom-made shelves will fit your room perfectly!

3. Light it up.

You can install plant grow lights to help your houseplants grow and flourish or simply add some dramatic lighting to make your plants more eye-catching. Our London electricians will be able to help you install new lights to make your plant display even more special.

4. Think behind the plants.

If you found the perfect spot for your Monstera deliciosa think about what’s surrounding the plant – the walls, the furniture, everything. You might want to move your furniture around to make your plant the centrepiece or the focal point of your room. To make your plant stand-out even more, why not paint your walls a different colour? Go for bright colours, a two-tone wall or whatever colour you would like! Our decorators in London will paint your room in a splash, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Give our team a call today on 0800-0-12-12-12 or alternatively, request a free quote by filling our online booking form.

How to keep rainwater away from your home

With April showers on their way, it’s important to ensure your home is safeguarded from the rain. Not only can the rainwater put a damper on your gardening activities but it can also have a big impact on your home.

Water damage can create mould, wood rot and foundation cracks, so it’s vital to prevent water from entering your home. Here are some ways to ensure that your home stays dry this Spring.

Waterproof your exteriors.

Start by looking at the exterior of your home, can you see any cracks or openings where water could come through? Start by sealing those. Inspect the rest of your exteriors and properly maintain them. After all, the exterior of your home is the first line of defence against rainwater.

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Seal windows and doors.

If you feel a cold breeze coming through your windows and doors, it means that these are not properly draughtproof. If wind can pass through these openings, so can water. If you are not sure how to draughtproof your home or if you simply don’t have time, the Squad can help. Our London handymen will be right at your door ready to seal your windows and doors.

Clean gutters.

It’s important to clean your gutters every year. This will ensure that your gutters won’t get clogged and that rainwater can smoothly flow down the drainpipe.

Mind the roof.

Take good care of your roof by hiring a professional to have a look at it from time to time. An experienced person will be able to check if there are any repairs to be done as well as any small issues that need to be addressed.

Check the drainage.

It’s also essential to have proper drainage. This will guarantee that water will be diverted away from the base of your home.

In case you need a helping hand with any of these tasks, our skilled tradesmen are one call away. We’re polite, friendly, highly-experienced and CRB checked, so you know that your home will be in safe hands. Request a quote today by filling our online booking form or give our team a call on 0800-0-12-12-12.

Easy home improvement projects for the winter

Are you looking out of the window, staring at the rain and wondering what you could do to give your home a bit of an upgrade? Or perhaps on a cold winter night, you’re binge-watching the Homebuilding & Renovating Show and are inspired to give your home a quick makeover? We’ve put together a few home improvement projects to cheer you up on a cold winter day.

  1. Give your interiors a new lick of paint.

If you’re tired of the same white coloured walls in your living room or bedroom, maybe it’s time to choose a brighter and more exciting colour. In case you don’t want to paint the entire room, you can simply paint an accent wall. Trust us, a simple change of colour will transform the overall look and mood of your home.

Does this sound like too much hassle? Get the Handy Squad to do it. We’ll be able to paint your home interiors, paint an accent wall or if you don’t want something as permanent, we can hang up wallpaper too.

  1. Change out your kitchen cabinet hardware. 

Replacing cabinet hardware couldn’t be any easier and you can even do it with a cuppa in one hand and a screwdriver in the other Changing these small details can have a huge impact on the overall look of the kitchen. Go a step further and paint your kitchen cabinets for a full kitchen makeover.

  1. Look at your bathroom.

Are you happy with your bathroom or is there something missing? Maybe the silicone around your bath or grout in between the tiles is getting grubby – time for some changes. Replacing silicone and re-grouting tiles should be an easy task to complete during a weekend.

If you want to completely change your bathroom, we would recommend calling a professional. At the Handy Squad, we are able to replace bathroom tiles, change bathroom fixtures and much more.

  1. Follow Maria Kondo’s footsteps.

And declutter, declutter and declutter a bit more. If you are waiting for Spring to come so you can do your annual home declutter and cleaning, don’t. Get some decluttering out of the way now, so then you can enjoy the warm(ish) Spring weather.

If you are not sure how to declutter, follow Marie Kondo’s method and ask yourself “Do I love it, do I need it?”. And don’t try to tackle your entire home at once, start small and go slowly.

  1. Give your entrance an uplift.

If you feel brave and determined, put on your raincoat on and head outdoors to the entrance of your home. Is your door handle looking old and worn out? Is the paint on your front door starting to chip? If so, maybe it’s time to replace your door handle and maybe repaint your entrance door.

These home improvement projects are guaranteed to keep you active and to cure the winter blues. If you need a helping hand completing any of these projects, don’t hesitate to ring the Handy Squad – we’ve always got your back. Simply call 0800-0 12 12 12 and let us know how we can help. Alternatively, request a free quote by filling our online booking form.

How to unstick a door

So, you’ve got a stubborn door that keeps getting stuck to the door frame, making it very difficult to open. This is the last thing you want to deal with, even more, when you are running late for work or school, but you simply don’t haven’t had the chance to fix it or don’t know how to do it.

You’ve finally taken some time out of your busy schedule to repair your door, so you can stop having to think about it and stumbled upon our blog post. That’s perfect, continue reading to find out how to unstick doors. In case you don’t have time to do it yourself, call the Squad on 0800-0-12-12-12 and we’ll send our London carpenters to unstick your door.

  1. Identify the problem.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the reason why your door is not opening properly before looking into the solution. Closely examine the door to find the problem area.

    • If there is any dirt or grime built-up on the door you might just need to clean it.
    • In case you can hear the hinges squeaking it might mean that they need to be oiled.

The most common reason for doors to stick is actually the weather – there might be an abundance of moisture in the air due to rainfall which can cause wood to swell.

  1. Fixing a swollen door.

If you can easily access the problem area with the door open, you can sand it down using a coarse-grit sandpaper. However, you might have to remove the door from the door frame by removing the hinges, and then sanding the problem area, in case you can’t easily access it.

Once you’ve sanded the door enough so it’s closing and opening smoothly, don’t forget to repair the finish by painting or staining the area to match the rest of the door. Let it fully dry before closing the door.

Don’t have time in your hands to fix your door? At the Handy Squad, we have a team of carpenters in London who will be able to give you a helping hand with any door-related task you might need, from hanging new doors and repairing door frames to planing doors.

How to get your home ready for the holiday season.

Looking forward to the festive season ahead and to having your friends and family around to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year? If you are looking forward to it but haven’t had the time to get anything done around the house or don’t even know how you will find time to do so, don’t worry – the Squad is here to help. Take a deep breath because we’ve put together a list of how to get your home ready for the festivities to make everything easier. However, if you simply don’t have time or don’t want to get your hands dirty, call the Handy Squad and we’ll get your home ready for Christmas in no time.

  1. Declutter, organise and clean.

Decluttering your home is highly important and it should be on the top of your list this Christmas. The last thing you want is for your guests to feel cramped and uncomfortable in your home due to the lack of space, so get it to it!

Go around your home and grab anything you don’t need or want and make three piles: sell, give and throw away. Once you’ve cleared out all these unnecessary belongings, it’s time to organise the ones you decided to keep and to clean everything.

  1. Winter-proof your home.

So, it’s Christmas day and you’re having your family around when your radiators start to make a strange noise and stop working. Your home starts to get home and the only thing you can do is to hand out blankets to everyone.

Before this happens to you, make sure you have your home ready for the cold months and that you’ve serviced your radiators and boilers. Also, don’t forget to draughtproof your windows, doors and other small gaps to ensure the warm air stays in and the cold air stays outside.

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  1. Get Christmassy.

Now it’s time to decorate your house. Get all your family members together (because that’s the best way to do it) and put up Christmas lights on the bannister and wherever you feel like they will look good, put up the Christmas tree and any other Christmas decorations you’ve around. Don’t forget to decorate the front garden and your entrance door!

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If you are more of a Grinch and Christmas is not your thing, we make your life easier as well – we can block up your chimney, so Santa doesn’t stop by yours. However, in case you absolutely love Christmas but can’t find the time to prepare your home for the season, give the Squad a ring on 0800-0-12-12-12 and we’ll be ready to help (no matter if you’ve been nice or naughty this year!).