Looking to replace your ceiling lights or perhaps to install led light bulbs? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

When talking about bulbs, lamps, halogen, fluorescent, bayonet cap, screw cap, uplighters, downlighters, spots, starters, transformers, one-gang, two-gang, dimmer switchers, ceiling roses, pendants, batten lamp holders – it all might sound overwhelming, but don’t worry because at the Handy Squad we will give you a helping hand with all your lighting needs.

We understand that the “language of lights” might be colourful and extensive for some, but for others might be completely foreign, that’s why we are here – to help with any light related tasks you might require. We take our job very seriously and with efficiency, after all, every light you require to be wired must be installed safely and correctly.

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Light bulbs burning too fast, light switches not working, lights flickering, and electric shocks might be issues you may face if your circuits, outlets or cables are not installed properly. We’ll make sure that all of the lighting fixtures we install are done correctly. If you are looking for a London electrician to find a solution for any of the electrical problems mentioned above, we can also repair or replace any lighting fixture, circuits, outlets or cables that need replacing or repairing.

When it comes to changing light bulbs – and we change thousands of them every year – in most cases one of our handymen is more than capable of completing the task. Beyond this, we recommend booking an experienced electrician, whether it be for replacing a light fitting, running a cable to a new location, or changing a transformer.

The Handy Squad’s highly experienced electricians are capable of changing light starters, replacing pendant light fittings, changing light transformers, light switch wiring, checking lighting circuit cables, tracing lighting faults and repairing them, adding a new lighting circuits and installing lighting in a special location such as a bathroom or kitchen (the proximity of water to electricity and exposed skin is what makes these areas ‘special’ and therefore subject to additional regulations).

Aside from electrics, the Handy Squad has a wide variety of tradesmen who can help you with any job you might require regarding carpentry, plumbing, jet washing, locksmith, decorating, amongst other services. We offer the following services: office maintenance and repairs, repair leaky taps, install wooden flooring, build bespoke shelves, jet wash garden furniture,  electronic and magnetic locks replacement, and much more.

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