Need an electrician to replace your lighting transformer? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

At the Handy Squad, we have a highly-experienced team of London electricians ready to help you with your lighting needs, whether you need an electrician to install light transformer, replace a light transformer, replace a halogen light transformer or simply changing the light bulb itself.

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Lighting transformers are mainly used alongside low voltage light fittings. The lighting transformer converts mains voltage to a lower voltage suitable for the light bulbs, thus ensuring the bulbs function properly and preventing damage to the bulbs and light fixtures. By using a light transformer, you can safely supply power to your favourite low voltage lighting fixtures, including ceiling lights, kitchen lights, outside lights, pendant lights and bathroom lights.

If your halogen light in your bathroom stopped working, upon flickering on and off, it could mean that you might need to replace the light transformer. Firstly, try another bulb to make sure it isn’t just a case of swapping light bulbs. If changing the light bulb doesn’t make the trick, contact your local electrician for further advice and a solution for your electrical problem.

Besides changing light transformers, our electricians in London have a variety of skills and can undertake an array of electrical jobs, including extractor fan replacement, electrical installation condition report, hide wires on wall, wiring an outdoor power socket, changing a plug socket, installing light fixture and finding electrical faults.

In case you are looking for other handyman services, the Handy Squad also offers general handyman services, decorating, plumbing, carpentry, moving services, locksmith services, home makeover services and jet washing. Within these services we offer moving services from the UK to another destination in Europe, partition wall construction, install new beading in sash windows, sink repair, unblocking showers, installing electronic entry systems, treat wooden garden furniture, wallpaper hanging, and much more.

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