Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Our qualified electricians deal with more complicated electrical jobs, now including Part P notifiable work, Electrical testing and inspection reports (commonly known as Electrical Installation Condition Reports/Landlord Electrical Inspection Reports, Landlord Safety Certificates, Electrical Safety Certificates). These are offered to both businesses, landlords and residential customers. All works are carried out by fully qualified Part P 17th Edition electricians.

(Landlord Electrical Inspection Reports/Electrical Safety Certificates)

Every property in London whether business or residential should have any electrical installations tested and certified periodically. The frequency of this depends on the buildings size, age and general use. An Electrical Installation Condition Report (formerly known as a Periodic Inspection Report) is the report that checks this.

The outcome of the EICR establishes the overall condition of the electrics, reveal if any of your electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded, find any shock risks or fire hazards, identify any defective electrical work or highlight any lack of earthing or bonding.

Our NAPIT registered electricians will then issue you with an Electrical Installation Condition Report detailing any observed damage , defects, deterioration, dangerous conditions & any non-compliances with the current standard.

The report will identify whether it is satisfactory for continued use & detail any remedial work graded by importance with a recommended timescale to complete.

Should you proceed with any of the recommended works/repairs following the report our electricians can provide you with a fixed price quote.

This report is highly recommended to landlords, both existing and first time if the electrics have not been tested in 5 years.

When buying a new home this report will give you a good indication of the state of the electrics, aiding you in whether or not to buy or to negotiate a discount.

 PRICING: Electrical Installation Condition Report

Number of Circuits Mon-Sat (8am-6pm)
 Up to 5 Circuits  £210 + VAT
 Per Additional Circuit  £25 + VAT

 The EICR will take anywhere between 2-6 hrs to complete.

For any recommended action the electrician will provide a fixed price quote to remedy following the report. Should you uptake the correctional work the certificate will be reissued without charge.