Do you want to hide your wall mounted TV wires to have a wires-free wall? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

At the Handy Squad we are able to mount your electrical cables along walls or ceilings or if you want to hide your cables we can bury them in the wall or advise you on other options for a cables-free wall. Our London electricians have been installing new cabling in homes and offices all around London since 2005, so you can rest assured that the job will be in good hands.

In case you have exposed electrical wiring in garages and outdoors, these should be protected by a durable type of tubing. If you are looking for an electrician to replace cable trunking or conduit, our electricians in London are experienced in doing the job efficiently and in a timely manner. Give our team a call on 0800-0 12 12 12 or fill our online booking form for a free quote.

When choosing to hide electrical wires, burying them in the wall surface and running the wires along the surface or the wall are the two main options. Chasing cables can be preferred if you are going for the modern, clean look, however, you need to keep in mind that if at any point any wires need to be changed – it will take longer than having surface-mounted wires.

Even though surface-mounted wires are easier to replace, they won’t look as good as buried wires, since they will be visible. However, with a small paint job the problem is fixed, blending the wires with their surroundings. If you have a wooden summer house and you are thinking of hiding the cables, the only option you might have is to run the cable on the surface as there could be insufficient wall thickness to chase in the wires.

Our professional electricians have a variety of skills besides chasing walls for electrical cables or surface mounting cables, they can test portable appliances, find faults in lighting circuits, change hard-to-reach light bulbs, wire ceiling lights, replace plug sockets, wire plugs, replace extractor fans, adding two way light switches and much more.

If you require an electrician to hide electrical cables in your walls or ceilings, give your local electrician a call on 0800-0 12 12 12. Alternatively, you can request a free quote today by filling out online booking form.