Cracks in walls? Worry no further, we’re here to help. Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Do you have cracks in walls around windows or cracks in internal walls of house that you need fixing? The Handy Squad will repair it in no time, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Perhaps you simply don’t have enough time in your hands and need a professional to deal with the cracks, that’s fine too. We’ll get the job done with efficiency and in a timely manner. There is nothing to worry about, we’ll do a cracking job!

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What are those horizontal cracks in the walls? Or those internal wall cracks? They are just a terrible thing to look at, and with our help – those cracks will be hidden in a flash. However, these cracks might be a symptom of a possible problem and depending on the size, shape and direction of the cracks we can determine the severity of the problem.

There are various causes of wall cracks, including house settling, road traffic vibration, climate changes, water damage, trees in the proximity of the house (e.g. invasive tree roots), reactive soils, lack of a good house foundation, among others. There are also a variety of types of cracks that you should be aware of, including horizontal wall cracks, staircase pattern wall cracks, diagonal wall cracks and vertical wall cracks.

If your home has any hairline cracks, that shouldn’t be of any concern and it is quite easily fixed. However, larger cracks might mean that building work is necessary, and you should seek the help of a professional as soon as possible.

Some of the typical jobs we do include fill holes left by picture hooks, fill holes in walls where a curtain pole has fallen out, fill holes in a solid door for a handle to be refixed. Our London decorators are also experienced in sealing around baths, repairing plaster walls, wall painting and wallpaper hanging.

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