Jet Washing

If your patio is looking grubby from rotten leaves and pollen, or if your wooden garden table and chairs look green and mossy and ready for the tip, or if you just have some slippery steps, then a jet wash or pressure wash is the answer. Breathe life back into that old wooden table and clear the moss, algae and weeds off your stonework. Call The Handy Squad and ask us to quote you for your Garden Refresh…
Jet WashingJet Washing

Jet Wash paving stones

See the original colours again when you blast away the dirt and grime.

Jet Wash garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture is always open to the elements and can look old and tire

Jet Wash stone steps

You don't want your stone steps to be slippery when wet - that can be dange

Treat wooden garden furniture

Once you have blasted off the grime, you want to protect your precious tables an

Regrout paving stones

When you see grass and weeds growing between your paving stones, you know it is