Jet Wash Garden Furniture

Looking for a professional to pressure wash garden furniture? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Is it that time of the year, when the sun starts shinning and the harsh cold days from the winter are slowly turning into warm, longer days? And because of this you want to enjoy a cold drink in the garden or maybe invite your friends over for a barbecue, but your garden furniture needs a serious cleaning – get your local London cleaner a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a free quote today by filling our online booking form.

The Handy Squad has a team of highly-experienced cleaners who will pressure wash the dirt, algae and moss from your tables and chairs, making them look brighter and brand-new. With the use of a pressure washer, our team can get among the surface wood fibres far better even than sandpaper.

Have you invited all of your friends for a garden party but have just realised that your outdoor furniture looks like it has been in a war field? You’ll have to do something about it, no one wants to sit down on a grubby chair or eat off of a grimy, stained table.

Our patio cleaners will be able to pressure wash your garden tables and jet spray your garden chairs. If your wood furniture is very rotten then you need to be aware that the pressure washer may remove small chunks of rotten wood which will then need sanding down afterwards. And then, your pressure cleaned wood furniture will be ready for all of your garden parties.

Have you just found some old plastic chairs that once were white, but now are looking so green and dirty that you forgotten their original colour? Perhaps you have wood chairs or picnic tables benches in your garden that look dull and dirty? Maybe you have metal garden furniture which needs a little TLC? Our team will be able brighten up your patio furniture with the help of a pressure washer.

Aside from pressure washing garden furniture, our London team is able to pressure wash your driveway, clean teak garden furniture, repair patio joints, among other jet washing services in London.

Request a free quote for a patio cleaner to pressure wash your backyard furniture by filling our online booking form or give our team a call on 0800-0-12-12-12.