Install isolation valves

Do you require a plumber in London to install isolation valves in your home? The Handy Squad has the perfect team for the job. Our highly-experienced plumbers are able to install the isolation valves you need, as well as install any other plumbing fixtures or fittings you might require.

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Isolation valves are your best friend when you need to fix plumbing fixtures, such as taps and toilets. By easily rotating them you’ll be able to quickly turn off the water supply, thus being able to carry out any plumbing maintenance you need. By having isolation valves, you are able to fix a problem quickly or replace a whole plumbing fixture, if needed.

There are various types of isolation valves, including: plug valve, piston valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, pinch valve, gate valve and ball valve. For example, butterfly valves are a type of quarter turn valve, which can open or close whenever the handle is turned 90 degrees. One the other hand, gate valves open by lifting a rectangular or round gate out of the path of the fluid – this valve is mostly used for commercial and industrial applications.

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Our highly-skilled plumbers are able to install water isolation valves and thermostatic valves, both in your residential or commercial building. For any queries call our team on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a free online booking by filling out our online form.