Repair toilets

Does your toilet leak when flushed? Don’t worry, the Handy Squad will be able to fix a leaking toilet with efficiency and professionalism. Perhaps your toilet pipe is leaking, or your toilet cistern is dripping – our plumbers in London can give a helping hand and stop the leakage in no time.

You can find your local plumber in our Areas Covered page – looking for plumber in Twickenham, plumber in Ealing, plumber in Wimbledon or plumber in Kensington? The Handy Squad covers the whole of London, so you can be rest assured that our professionals will be able to reach you and help with any plumbing service you might require.

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We understand how troublesome it can be when the only working toilet in the house or office is leaking and creating a pool of water around the base. In this case, it could mean that the wax seal has failed. However, the leakage could also be coming from a faulty shutoff valve, cracked tank, sweaty bowl of a loose supply tube.

If your toilet is dripping constantly, there will be a problem with the ballcock valve that sits in the cistern. Our expert plumbers are able to complete this job quickly in case the cistern is easy to access.

A leaky toilet could lead to costly structural damage. If by any chance you have a bathroom with carpet flooring, the water damage will lead to mould growth under the carpet, which can have serious health repercussions.

When a toilet is leaking, our professional London plumbers typically undertake the following plumbing jobs: refit toilet to waste pipe, teak ballcock, replace ballcock, break through tiles to access cistern or replace dual-flush mechanism.

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