Does your outdoor electrical box need replacing? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Whether you need an electrician in London to replace an old junction box or to replace an electrical box for a new ceiling light or even wire a junction box to extend circuits for additional lights – our highly-experienced electricians will be able to give you a helping hand.

A junction box or an electrical box protect the junction of two or more electrical wires from accidental damage and contain heat from a loose connection or short circuit, as well as acting as waypoints and connection centres for these wires.

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Besides being able to connect additional sockets to circuits, extend circuits, add lighting points, junction boxes can also be used for repairs – if you have a damaged electrical wire, the damaged section can be cut out and joined back together using a junction box.

Even though block connectors do the same as junction boxes, we recommend using junction boxes as these provide more safety by leaving no electrical wires exposed. We can replace outdoor electrical boxes, waterproof junction boxes, Screwfix junction boxes, lighting junction boxes or we can install a new junction box in case you want to add a new electrical outlet in your kitchen or install a ceiling fan in your office.

Our London electricians can also wire plugs, replace extractor fans, change light switches, install new plug sockets, hide wires on walls, add 2 way switches, rewire a house, undertake pat tests or electrical installation condition reports.

The Handy Squad has a wide variety of professionals who are experts at decorating, carpentry, plumbing, jet washing, general handyman services and much more, being able to handle many jobs including: filling holes in a solid door for a handle to be refixed, treating wooden garden furniture, replace stainless steel sinks, unblocking waste disposal units, install new sash weights, and assemble kitchen wall units.

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