How to remove a radiator for decorating

At the Handy Squad we have a team of highly skilled Decorators currently working in London. With over a decade of proficient and effective service, they will be able to assist with a wide variety of decorating tasks such as; Filling cracks in walls and Plaster patch repair.

For plumbing issues, we have an equally qualified team of Plumbers in London. They will be able remove radiators with ease and in a timely manner as well as being able help with Replacements or Installations that may be required after removal has been completed.

If you need to temporarily remove your radiator to be able to paint or decorate behind it, the Handy Squad have got the perfect how-to guide, which will help you complete this task effectively and with ease.

Firstly, you will need old sheets or equivalent for water spillage, a bucket, a bowl that is able to fit under the radiator, a screwdriver and an adjustable spanner.

Then, place the old sheets under the radiator and a bowl underneath the manual control valve, which is the valve used to control the temperature of the radiator. Then drain the water from the radiator, use a clockwise motion to turn both valves off and unscrew the cap nut that keeps the manual control valve that attached to the radiator.

Then, slowly open the bleed valve at the top of the radiator to let the water drain out. When the bowl is full, tighten the cap nut, empty the bowl into the bucket and repeat the process until the water flow has stopped.

Before removing the radiator from its wall brackets, unscrew the cap nut that holds the other valve. Next, carefully lift the radiator and empty the remaining water.

After decorating, you will need to put the radiator back onto its supporting brackets. Then, close the cap nuts on both valves and after this step you can open both valves. As the radiator fills up, open the bleed valve to release any trapped air.

If at any point you need an extra pair of hands, don’t hesitate to contact our team.