Office ideas to increase productivity

It seems that the long, early morning commutes are now a thing of the past and instead we have the next best thing, an office down the hallway! When covid hit, many people were told to work from home and had to quickly improvise to find an office space somewhere in the house. But did you ever get round to perfecting this space and creating your ideal office, or did time simply slip away from you? At the Handy Squad, we can lend a helping hand to finalise your home office and create the best space to enhance productivity. Contact us today to get a free quote for your office renovation project. 

Where to start?

The first vital component of any office space is, of course, furniture, especially a chair to sit at and a desk to work from. There are so many different designs and colours to choose from, so you will without a doubt find something to match your theme.  

Another important tip to follow is to look for online reviews of furniture that you’re considering buying, particularly your office chair. Sitting at a desk all day, staring at a computer isn’t exactly ideal and can cause a range of back problems, so try to find a chair that is valued for its comfort, as this will improve both your posture and productivity.  

At the Handy Squad, we can help assemble flatpack furniture for your office, because we understand how stressful and time-consuming this job can become. Not only this but we also offer services to lift and shift furniture, so whether you’re buying a desk that comes flat pack or need help moving one from your garage that you now use as a storage space, we can help! 

Assembling flat pack furniture

Adding colour

Picking the perfect colour for your office walls is another important step in creating a productive working space. It’s a good idea to add a splash of colour to your office, using flowers, plants, cushions and hanging pictures. However, when it comes to the colour of your walls remember that although a bright colour like yellow or pink might look great to begin with and awaken you in the early mornings, these colours could very quickly give you a headache when trying to concentrate.  

Our London decorators can help advise you on the best colour for your office space, such as a light blue tone which brings tranquillity and brightness to a room. We provide a range of painting services including painting offices, painting doors, painting stairs, painting cupboards, painting skirting boards and more! So maybe it’s not just your walls that need painting, it might be the skirting boards and furniture too, but lucky for you we cover it all. 

Painting office walls

Sorting your electrics

Now, obviously, an office needs a good Wi-Fi connection and electrics to function as a productive space. You may need to consider adding a Wi-Fi booster to ensure a strong connection or implementing more plug sockets for your various computers and monitors. At the Handy Squad, we have a team of qualified electricians in London who can install new plug sockets or wire a new lighting circuit for whatever it may be that you require.  

Tidy loose cables

Keeping your office space tidy is still essential for productivity, so you don’t want loose wires hanging around and causing a potential trip hazard. We also offer a cable tidying service to help resolve this so not only will your office be functional, but tidy too!  

You could perhaps consider installing a cabinet to help hide wires and store extra office supplies as well, like pens, paper and folders. There are endless ways to design your office space for optimal productivity. If this is something you would like us to help with then give us a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form 



How electricians could help your business

At the Handy Squad, we understand that some tasks should be left to professionals, particularly when they run the risk of health and safety. That’s why we have a team of London electricians on hand to support you with a range of electrical jobs. This could include finding faults and repairs, replacements, installing new cabling and much more. So, if you’re looking for an electrician in South London, an electrician in East London or simply an “electrician service near me” then we have you covered! 

How can our services help property developers, block managers and managing agents?

Our electricians have been working in their field for over a decade, providing them with knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas. When managing or developing a property, you have a large responsibility to ensure everything runs smoothly and is taken care of, and clearly electrics are a huge part of this. That’s where our team can step in and help!  

We offer electrical installation condition reports to businesses, landlords and residential customers. This report is crucial for properties (whether existing or brand-new) and particularly in cases where the electrics haven’t been tested in the last 5 years. With one of our reports, carried out by a fully qualified Part P 17th edition electrician, we can assess the safety of your electrics, identifying shock risks, fire hazards and other defective electrical work. We will help to make sure your property is compliant with electrical safety standards, so that it is prepped and ready for new homeowners or tenants. 

Electrical installation report

How can our services help interior designers?

Interior designers are another key customer who could benefit from our electrical services in London. With designers, we recognised that it’s all about the aesthetic, so wires and cables can very easily interfere with this! Thankfully, our team can install chased-in cabling, hiding the ugly cables from view. Alongside this, we are able to install new light fittings which can further help to match a specific design idea.  Are you looking to integrate spotlights into the kitchen? Perhaps you want a statement chandelier or pendant light? Leave it with our friendly team, who will get the job done efficiently and effectively. 

How can our services help commercial properties and homeowners? 

For commercial businesses or homeowners, our electricians can also carry out work to assist you. Is your doorbell not working? Have you tripped a fuse? Allow our team to help with electrical faults and repairs, restoring your property in no time. We can even carry out a portable appliance test, examining the safety of kettles, laptops, chargers and more, which may be useful if you own an office space. 

Electrical fuse box

Whatever business or property you own, we would love to lend our helping hand with your electrics. Contact our team today on 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form and let us know how we can assist you. We also have other services available at the Handy Squad including carpentry, handyman services, decorating and more so we can help in more ways than one! 

Electrical tips for property developers

Being a property developer comes with many responsibilities and multiple factors to take into consideration. As a property developer, you want your property to have great aesthetic appeal, drawing in potential buyers or tenants. Alongside this, it is also important to consider the practical elements of property development which are essential for a functional living space. One of these vital factors is home electrics. Do the electrics in the property run smoothly? Is the house and/or flat energy efficient? These are important questions to ask yourself when developing a property.  

At the Handy Squad, our electrician London can help with all your electrical needs and queries, so you can stop scanning the internet for “electrician near me” and instead give us a call! Here, we have put together some of our best tips and tricks for preparing your property’s home electrics. 

Give attention to plug sockets

When building a property from scratch, you will have to assess which areas in your house require a plug socket. How many do you need? What style do you require? These might seem like small touches that don’t matter too much but they can have a huge impact on the buyer’s living experience.  

For instance, in the bedrooms, think of the key areas where a plug socket is needed – near the bed, by the mirror, next to the bedroom furniture – this is particularly important if you are staging the property for a show home. At the Handy Squad, you can hire an electrician to install plug sockets for your every need. Whether that be USB ports, rose gold double sockets or simply replacing/installing some wall sockets, we are on hand to help.  

installing plug sockets

How can I make my development energy efficient?

Another element that is becoming more prominent than ever is creating an energy efficient home. With energy bill prices on the rise and climate change becoming a growing issue, this is a vital aspect to review. An excellent starting point could be simply using energy efficient light bulbs to bring down costs and usage. We can change light bulbs as well as help with larger jobs like light fittings and installations. Not only this, but by connecting plug sockets to an outlet, this makes it easier to switch off appliances at the end of a day. Rather than individually switching off every energy source in the property, you can do it all with the click of a button and our electricians can install a suitable outlet to help. 

Types of lighting

When developing a property, you will need to factor in which lighting you want in each room. Looking for a bathroom light pull switch? Looking to add outdoor lighting? Perhaps you want to add motion sensor lights in the bathrooms? Maybe you want to add beauty lights in the bedroom. There are thousands of different types of lighting that you can choose from.  

install light fitting

Condition reports

We also offer electrical installation condition reports, which are highly recommended for property developers and landlords (both existing and first time), particularly if the electrics have not been tested in the last 5 years. This work is carried out by fully qualified Part P 17th Edition electricians, providing Electrical Safety Certificates.  

Electrical installation condition reports are an important legal requirement which our team can help to complete, preparing your property for sale. We also offer this service for businesses, commercial properties, and residential customers too, so if this is something you are interested in, give us a call today on 0800-0-12-12-12 

What else?

Not only this but our team of London handyman can help with smaller odd jobs like cable tidying, ensuring your property looks pristine and tidy. Why not get our team to install new cabling? We can hide TV cables in the walls for example or advise you on other cable-free options to help create this sleek, fresh look. Check out our other services including plumbing and decorating for further guidance, ensuring your property development is prepped and ready! 


Tips for redecorating your bathroom

Redecorating your bathroom can be a stressful job, especially when you don’t know where to start. There are so many different designs to choose from and it can often seem overwhelming. Thankfully, our expert plumbers in London have put together some useful tips to help with your bathroom renovation project, from modern marble to traditional tiling, they are here to help.

Kickstart your project

The first step in your bathroom transformation, should be to consider which elements require work. You can do a lot to a bathroom, stripping it from head to toe, but sometimes it only needs a few tweaks to leave it looking brand new. Perhaps you need to replace a shower? Or repair a dripping tap? These are small areas that can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your bathroom. Our team of London handymen can help with these jobs, as well as the more gross jobs like unblocking a toilet!

fix a dripping tap

Out with the old, in with the new

Next, think about if you want to take it a step further with some bigger renovation tasks. Do you need to install a new basin? Or maybe you are looking to install a new shower? Use this time to search for inspiration and consider which design elements will best utilise your space. There are so many different options to choose from. For example, you could have a corner shower, a waterfall shower or even a walk-in shower depending on the size of your bathroom. Once you have decided, why not get one of our London plumbers to help with the installation job?

Let’s decorate

Now that you have chosen your bathroom fittings, we suggest finding a colour or tile to match. It’s best to pick your bigger pieces first like sinks, baths and showers and then match a colour accordingly, rather than the other way round (as there are countless colours to choose from). Painting bathrooms is an easy way to bring colour and life to the room, without spending a fortune.

painting bathrooms


Another popular option is tiling. Unlike wood and carpet, tiles are water-resistant making them the most suitable option for a wet and damp environment, like a bathroom. Our handymen can help with tiling walls and tiling floors, replacing your worn carpet with a beautiful set of new tiles. Alongside this, they also specialise in grouting, which is a great way to leave a fresh finish to your bathroom. You could even use glittery grout for that extra wow factor!

Other plumbing services

Hopefully, this has sparked some ideas for your bathroom transformation, and you can start thinking about what you need to complete your dream vision. We understand how important it is to leave a bathroom looking pristine, thanks to our many years of experience, and we would love to help with your project. You can stop tirelessly searching Google for ‘plumbing services near me’ and instead, let us do the work. Contact our handymen today on 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form to request a booking. We also offer a wide range of additional services including applying silicone, fitting a washing machine, repairing a radiator and so much more.


How to improve your home electrics

As we are all aware, energy bills are on the rise and so, finding ways to use our electrics cost effectively is becoming more and more important. That’s why at the Handy Squad, we have put together some useful ideas and services to help reduce the cost of your energy bills, saving both the environment and your wallet!

Where to start?

One of the best ways to reduce heavy energy usage and become more eco-friendly is by implementing energy saving lightbulbs throughout your house. This may sound like an obvious suggestion but it can have a huge impact. At the Handy Squad, we have a team of East London electricians who can help with changing light bulbs, replacing light fittings or even testing light circuits to ensure the current flows.

Changing a light bulb

Plugs and sockets

Next up, would be to look at your electrical plugs and cables. It’s important to remember to turn electrical plugs off when possible, as every little effort helps with reducing your energy bill. An easy way to ensure you switch off all appliances at the end of the day is to connect bundles of plug sockets to an outlet. If you need extra help, our handyman services includes cable tidying where we can neaten up lose cables to stop pets nibbling away at them or prevent them from causing danger hazards.

Light switch- London electrician

Blinds and curtains

Installing certain types of blinds and curtains is a less obvious way of saving energy but a very effective one not to be forgotten! Our handyman in London can hang curtains and hang blinds, helping to trap in heat during the colder months and then conversely keep cool air in during the warmer months. This prevents wasting money in the winter on heating bills or in the summer on expensive air conditioning units and fans.

Fitting a blind- London Handyman

Other services

Our team can also help with a variety of other electrician services. From finding faults and repairs and replacing plug sockets to replacing extractor fans and much more. So, perhaps start by implementing some small eco-friendly changes and work your way up to a complete home transformation with our electricians in East London or other London handyman services. Call us today 0800 0 12 12 12 or fill in our online form to request a free quote.

Decorating ideas for your summer retreat

At the Handy Squad, we understand the importance of creating an inviting outdoor space, particularly now that we are in the depths of summer heat waves. We have put together some of our best outdoor decorating ideas to help you create the perfect summer retreat, right in the comfort of your garden. If you need a helping hand, contact us today to learn more about our services and get your transformation underway.

Start with some colour.

Why not start by painting garden fences and sheds with a fresh coat of paint, giving them a new lease of life? We recommend using light colours for this, creating a modern and summery aesthetic which is ideal for the new season. If, however, you require further advice on what colour palette would best suit your design, don’t hesitate to ask us for help. We have been offering handyman services for over a decade, providing us with an abundance of expertise and knowledge when it comes to painting, decorating and design.

Our painters and decorators London can help with any decorating job big or small. Not only do we offer our painting services inside residential and commercial properties, but we also paint home exteriors and paint doors, ensuring your property is appealing from the very first glance. As well as this, we can also gloss doors, gloss skirting boards, gloss fences and many other surfaces.

London painters

Uplift garden furniture.

Perhaps you have an old garden chair that has turned an off-yellow colour from weathering. Well, with our useful glossing skills we can revive furniture, helping to reshape the appearance of your garden. This is also a great money saving idea, as it gives a second life to old furniture, as opposed to cashing out on new pieces.

If you do require new furniture instead, then we can help with assembling garden furniture or assembling patio furniture, to save you time and hassle. Alongside this, we can lift and shift furniture too, allowing you to relax those muscles while we take over!

Remove dirt, moss and grime.

Next to consider is the star of all garden transformations, jet washing. Jet washing has become a popular trend for garden renovations in recent years, removing moss, dirt and grime throughout your garden. We can jet wash paving stones, jet wash garden furniture and jet wash stone steps, to name a few, leaving your garden looking like it’s never even been touched! This method has been known to make one of the most powerful impacts on garden transformations, and one that we highly recommend using in the guide to your summer retreat.

Jet washing London

Finishing touches.

Complete your perfect summer retreat with some comfy furniture, colourful cushions, flowers and plants or even contact one of our London electricians to help install outdoor light fixtures. Hopefully, we have given you some useful tips and tricks to create a relaxing outdoor haven! If so and you want the help of a handyman in London, call us today on 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form to request a booking.


How to improve the look of your home entrance

The entrance is the first part of a house that anyone sees, so it is important to keep it looking its best. Our services offer a range of ways to improve your home entrance, giving a warm welcome to any guest! Have a read of some Handy Squad ideas to help you create the perfect inviting entrance, ahead of the sociable summer months.

Step 1: Jet Washing

One of the best ways to make your entrance welcoming is by cleaning up the space around it. At The Handy Squad, we offer a professional jet washing service for patio, steps and furniture. Using our jet or pressure wash entirely transforms the appearance of your outdoor space, by removing dirt and moss and leaving your entrance looking brand new! Contact us today or fill in our online form if this sounds like something you’re interested in booking.

Jet washing patio

Step 2: Painting and Decorating

The next thing to consider in your perfect home entrance is a touch-up of colour. Our London decorators can paint almost anything from doors, cupboards, walls, furniture, and skirting boards. So, if your front door could do with a revamp, then we can deliver! We are also able to revive unique furniture pieces. Perhaps you have a bench on your front porch that has seen better days? Not a problem! We are dedicated to offering a high-quality, efficient service, ensuring our customers receive the best possible experience. Our team can even fully paint your home’s exterior.

Home entrance

As well as adding colour to outdoor furniture, we also provide the finishing touches, such as glossing garden fences. With our many years of expertise, we can gloss a range of surfaces to a premium standard, leaving your exterior looking pristine.

Step 3: Hang a new front door

Finally, it might be an entirely new look that you are going for. If you want to replace your existing door with a fresh and renewed one instead, then our carpenters in London can help with the job. They are experts at hanging doors or rehanging current doors to swing in a different direction, creating a standout piece for your home exterior. Not only this, but we are aware at the Handy Squad, how doors can become damaged over time from weather and harsh conditions, and we also provide a solution for this! Our carpenters can plane doors, leaving them looking as good as new.

Home entrance

Completing the perfect home entrance

Each of these simple ideas will help to create the friendly greeting that your front entrance may be in need of! There really is no job too small, so give us a call and we will begin your home entrance makeover!

Tips and tricks on how to build a sunroom

Sunrooms are a fantastic way to implement light and warmth to a house that is otherwise dark and dingy. You can build a sunroom in a range of different formats from conservatories, full-scale sunrooms or even prefabricated kits. They are a great alternative to more typical structures as they are less expensive and easier to assemble. At The Handy Squad, we can make this process even more simple by helping with the odd jobs that you need to complete your perfect sunroom! Contact us today to discuss your sunroom ideas, get a quote and request a booking.

Styling your sunroom

The first essential step in constructing your dream sunroom is decorating, of course! Our team of painters and decorators can help advise you on the right colour for your room either by using a light tone for brightness and open space, or deeper colours to add depth and warmth. They can paint walls, paint furniture, paint skirting boards and paint a variety of other surfaces, so they have your entire sunroom transformation covered!

Modern sunroom

As well as this, we offer help with smaller jobs such as hanging pictures, hanging mirrors and putting up shelves. So, if there is a specific theme you are going for and you already have the prints ready to match, don’t worry about damaging your walls trying to put them up, you can leave that with us!

Sorting the electrics

Next, you’ll need to think about how you want your sunroom to function. Do you want a modern sunroom that operates more as an entertaining hub? Perhaps you want to implement wi-fi, lighting and a TV to make your conservatory more than just a sun spot. If so, you’ll need to get your electrics checked over and guess what, we have the London electricians to help with that too!


We can install plug sockets or replace plug sockets, install new light fixtures and also replace light switches including dimmer switches or two-way switches. It is likely that you won’t require an excessive amount of lighting, due to the naturally lit nature of a garden sunroom, but you may consider a small lamp or dimmer switch to keep the room functional through to the evening. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that we can do a job as simple as changing a light bulb, so there really is no task too big or small, we are here to help!

Adding the finishing touches

Some other small sunroom ideas that we can help with is your furniture, so whether you need help re-arranging furniture or would like us to help assemble flatpack conservatory furniture, we can provide the services to do so. We know these jobs can be time-consuming and with our help, you can cut the hassle and jump straight to enjoying your sun trap!

Sunroom furniture

Perhaps you have also thought about hanging up conservatory blinds to complete your space or maybe you want to lay down ceramic flooring, as it is better suited to a space with hanging plants and flowers.

Whatever it may be that you need to build your perfect sunroom, The Handy Squad have the solution! Call us today at 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form to get one step closer to enjoying your warm, relaxing space.

How to create a home office

Since the covid-19 pandemic, many people had to adapt to the working from home lifestyle. One element that is essential to creating a good working environment at home is having a productive space to work from. At The Handy Squad, we have put together some of our best home office ideas and services to create your ideal working hub.

Simple ideas to get you started

Obviously, an office wouldn’t be an office without some furniture, especially a desk and chair! So, one of our small home office ideas is to get some help assembling flatpack furniture to prevent wasting precious time scouring through instructions and tools. Our Handy Squad is here to help a lending hand for jobs like these, saving you time, hassle and stress that these flat packs usually bring! We recommend investing in a high-quality, comfortable office chair since you will be spending most of your time here, and try implementing light-coloured furniture to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Simplistic office

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Be more productive with the right colour.

Many people are using their spare bedrooms as a space for home office design and it’s quite likely that these rooms could do with a lick of paint to create the perfect, tranquil working environment. Colours like light blues and sage green help to formulate a calm working atmosphere, increasing productivity.

Blue office

Haven’t got the time to paint your office yourself? Not a problem, at The Handy Squad we have a range of London decorators available to help with the job. They can paint walls and furniture to the colour and design you have envisioned, making that dream home office, a step closer. If it’s wallpaper you had in mind, we can help with that too! Our highly skilled team know how to efficiently hang wallpaper without any bumps or damage, so you can rely on us.

Good lighting is vital.

Of course, lighting is vital for any space but did you know that the type and intensity of lighting can incredibly impact your productivity and health? As the Health and Safety Executive explains, “Poor lighting can not only affect the health of people at work causing symptoms like eyestrain, migraine and headaches, but it is also linked to Sick Building Syndrome in new and refurbished buildings. Symptoms of this include headaches, lethargy, irritability and poor concentration.”

Office with natural lighting

If you need help with anything lighting related, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of experienced London electricians who can easily complete various electrician jobs. They are able to replace light switches, finding a light source that is perfect for your office space, such as a dimmer switch to enhance brightness for productivity. As well as this, they can also install and replace light fixtures, so that you can find the ideal fitting to match your home office design.

Give it some personality.

Creating a professional environment does not mean you have to completely strip that space from everything. A work environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed will help you be more engaged, productive and creative. So, be sure to make it a professional space but with a touch of your personality! If you need help hanging things up, our team can give a helping hand hanging picture frames and hanging shelves so you can display your favourite works of art, plants and anything else that makes you feel comfortable.

Working from home

A clean and clutter-free space.

You might be stuck in long meetings all day or busy answering emails right and left with no time for a cuppa. Do you know what would make your workday even less enjoyable? A messy and cluttered space covered in tangled cables from top to bottom. You might have noticed that cluttered spaces reduce your ability to focus and might make you more stressed or anxious. Make this a thing of the past by having a tidy work environment. If you need some help, we can tidy loose cables and complete a variety of other tasks.

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Home office

Get in contact

There are certainly various jobs that we can help with, big or small, to create the optimal home office environment. If you think you need a helping hand with any of these jobs or other related handyman work, then give us a call today at 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form, and we’ll provide the rest!

What are the benefits of home staging?

Are you looking to sell your property? Have you considered home staging to help with the stressful and time-consuming process of moving and selling? Home staging is essentially the technique of property styling and neatening up your home to make it more enticing for potential buyers. There are many benefits to be had from home staging, including giving you the best potential outcome when putting your property on the market.

Growth in popularity and interest

One of the biggest advantages of styling your property is that it encourages more viewings. When looking at a house online, things that may seem minor like clutter or brightly coloured walls can have a huge impact on deterring a viewer away. Therefore, painting your walls with a neutral palette or tidying up loose cables could be the major deciding factor in whether or not someone will come to view the property in person. In fact, The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland, conducted a survey on home staging, finding that 94% of people said home staging increased the number of viewings at their property, showing that it is definitely worthwhile!

Modern dining room

Quicker sale

It may seem obvious to mention but more viewings = a higher likelihood of selling. Clearly, the more people looking at your property enables more opportunities for a sale, so the long-waiting game is no more! Not only this, but home staging creates a competitive atmosphere for potential buyers. This means, they are more likely to make an offer above the asking price, which is a huge win! Consider using our professional home styling services such as jet washing your patio so that viewers are instantly greeted with an attractive exterior, or re-arranging furniture to optimise space.

Modern waiting area

A blank canvas

Another huge benefit to home staging your property is that it allows viewers to envision the space as their own, rather than simply looking at a lived-in property. Create this blank canvas by fixing holes in the walls which may be left from hanging pictures, or repairing ceiling cracks, so that the space appears brand-new. As previously mentioned, we also recommend our team of London decorators who can paint your walls with a light tone such as cream or white to provide a fresh, clean slate for new homeowners.

Modern kitchen

So, is it worth it?

We believe it is fair to say that there are significant advantages when using home styling techniques to sell your property. It not only creates a welcoming environment for viewers to explore and envision their daily life in but it also increases the likelihood of selling your property and selling it at a great price too! When comparing the benefits of home staging with properties that didn’t use these presentation methods, 86% of people reported a staged home selling up to 3 times faster than an unstaged one. So, it’s a no-brainer!

Modern living room

By implementing a few of our services at The Handy Squad, you could make a huge difference to the overall value of your property. Contact us today at 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form if home staging is something you would like us to help with.