How to improve the look of your home entrance

The entrance is the first part of a house that anyone sees, so it is important to keep it looking its best. Our services offer a range of ways to improve your home entrance, giving a warm welcome to any guest! Have a read of some Handy Squad ideas to help you create the perfect inviting entrance, ahead of the sociable summer months.

Step 1: Jet Washing

One of the best ways to make your entrance welcoming is by cleaning up the space around it. At The Handy Squad, we offer a professional jet washing service for patio, steps and furniture. Using our jet or pressure wash entirely transforms the appearance of your outdoor space, by removing dirt and moss and leaving your entrance looking brand new! Contact us today or fill in our online form if this sounds like something you’re interested in booking.

Jet washing patio

Step 2: Painting and Decorating

The next thing to consider in your perfect home entrance is a touch-up of colour. Our London decorators can paint almost anything from doors, cupboards, walls, furniture, and skirting boards. So, if your front door could do with a revamp, then we can deliver! We are also able to revive unique furniture pieces. Perhaps you have a bench on your front porch that has seen better days? Not a problem! We are dedicated to offering a high-quality, efficient service, ensuring our customers receive the best possible experience. Our team can even fully paint your home’s exterior.

Home entrance

As well as adding colour to outdoor furniture, we also provide the finishing touches, such as glossing garden fences. With our many years of expertise, we can gloss a range of surfaces to a premium standard, leaving your exterior looking pristine.

Step 3: Hang a new front door

Finally, it might be an entirely new look that you are going for. If you want to replace your existing door with a fresh and renewed one instead, then our carpenters in London can help with the job. They are experts at hanging doors or rehanging current doors to swing in a different direction, creating a standout piece for your home exterior. Not only this, but we are aware at the Handy Squad, how doors can become damaged over time from weather and harsh conditions, and we also provide a solution for this! Our carpenters can plane doors, leaving them looking as good as new.

Home entrance

Completing the perfect home entrance

Each of these simple ideas will help to create the friendly greeting that your front entrance may be in need of! There really is no job too small, so give us a call and we will begin your home entrance makeover!

Tips and tricks on how to build a sunroom

Sunrooms are a fantastic way to implement light and warmth to a house that is otherwise dark and dingy. You can build a sunroom in a range of different formats from conservatories, full-scale sunrooms or even prefabricated kits. They are a great alternative to more typical structures as they are less expensive and easier to assemble. At The Handy Squad, we can make this process even more simple by helping with the odd jobs that you need to complete your perfect sunroom! Contact us today to discuss your sunroom ideas, get a quote and request a booking.

Styling your sunroom

The first essential step in constructing your dream sunroom is decorating, of course! Our team of painters and decorators can help advise you on the right colour for your room either by using a light tone for brightness and open space, or deeper colours to add depth and warmth. They can paint walls, paint furniture, paint skirting boards and paint a variety of other surfaces, so they have your entire sunroom transformation covered!

Modern sunroom

As well as this, we offer help with smaller jobs such as hanging pictures, hanging mirrors and putting up shelves. So, if there is a specific theme you are going for and you already have the prints ready to match, don’t worry about damaging your walls trying to put them up, you can leave that with us!

Sorting the electrics

Next, you’ll need to think about how you want your sunroom to function. Do you want a modern sunroom that operates more as an entertaining hub? Perhaps you want to implement wi-fi, lighting and a TV to make your conservatory more than just a sun spot. If so, you’ll need to get your electrics checked over and guess what, we have the London electricians to help with that too!


We can install plug sockets or replace plug sockets, install new light fixtures and also replace light switches including dimmer switches or two-way switches. It is likely that you won’t require an excessive amount of lighting, due to the naturally lit nature of a garden sunroom, but you may consider a small lamp or dimmer switch to keep the room functional through to the evening. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that we can do a job as simple as changing a light bulb, so there really is no task too big or small, we are here to help!

Adding the finishing touches

Some other small sunroom ideas that we can help with is your furniture, so whether you need help re-arranging furniture or would like us to help assemble flatpack conservatory furniture, we can provide the services to do so. We know these jobs can be time-consuming and with our help, you can cut the hassle and jump straight to enjoying your sun trap!

Sunroom furniture

Perhaps you have also thought about hanging up conservatory blinds to complete your space or maybe you want to lay down ceramic flooring, as it is better suited to a space with hanging plants and flowers.

Whatever it may be that you need to build your perfect sunroom, The Handy Squad have the solution! Call us today at 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form to get one step closer to enjoying your warm, relaxing space.

How to create a home office

Since the covid-19 pandemic, many people had to adapt to the working from home lifestyle. One element that is essential to creating a good working environment at home is having a productive space to work from. At The Handy Squad, we have put together some of our best home office ideas and services to create your ideal working hub.

Simple ideas to get you started

Obviously, an office wouldn’t be an office without some furniture, especially a desk and chair! So, one of our small home office ideas is to get some help assembling flatpack furniture to prevent wasting precious time scouring through instructions and tools. Our Handy Squad is here to help a lending hand for jobs like these, saving you time, hassle and stress that these flat packs usually bring! We recommend investing in a high-quality, comfortable office chair since you will be spending most of your time here, and try implementing light-coloured furniture to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Simplistic office

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Be more productive with the right colour.

Many people are using their spare bedrooms as a space for home office design and it’s quite likely that these rooms could do with a lick of paint to create the perfect, tranquil working environment. Colours like light blues and sage green help to formulate a calm working atmosphere, increasing productivity.

Blue office

Haven’t got the time to paint your office yourself? Not a problem, at The Handy Squad we have a range of London decorators available to help with the job. They can paint walls and furniture to the colour and design you have envisioned, making that dream home office, a step closer. If it’s wallpaper you had in mind, we can help with that too! Our highly skilled team know how to efficiently hang wallpaper without any bumps or damage, so you can rely on us.

Good lighting is vital.

Of course, lighting is vital for any space but did you know that the type and intensity of lighting can incredibly impact your productivity and health? As the Health and Safety Executive explains, “Poor lighting can not only affect the health of people at work causing symptoms like eyestrain, migraine and headaches, but it is also linked to Sick Building Syndrome in new and refurbished buildings. Symptoms of this include headaches, lethargy, irritability and poor concentration.”

Office with natural lighting

If you need help with anything lighting related, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of experienced London electricians who can easily complete various electrician jobs. They are able to replace light switches, finding a light source that is perfect for your office space, such as a dimmer switch to enhance brightness for productivity. As well as this, they can also install and replace light fixtures, so that you can find the ideal fitting to match your home office design.

Give it some personality.

Creating a professional environment does not mean you have to completely strip that space from everything. A work environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed will help you be more engaged, productive and creative. So, be sure to make it a professional space but with a touch of your personality! If you need help hanging things up, our team can give a helping hand hanging picture frames and hanging shelves so you can display your favourite works of art, plants and anything else that makes you feel comfortable.

Working from home

A clean and clutter-free space.

You might be stuck in long meetings all day or busy answering emails right and left with no time for a cuppa. Do you know what would make your workday even less enjoyable? A messy and cluttered space covered in tangled cables from top to bottom. You might have noticed that cluttered spaces reduce your ability to focus and might make you more stressed or anxious. Make this a thing of the past by having a tidy work environment. If you need some help, we can tidy loose cables and complete a variety of other tasks.

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Home office

Get in contact

There are certainly various jobs that we can help with, big or small, to create the optimal home office environment. If you think you need a helping hand with any of these jobs or other related handyman work, then give us a call today at 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form, and we’ll provide the rest!

What are the benefits of home staging?

Are you looking to sell your property? Have you considered home staging to help with the stressful and time-consuming process of moving and selling? Home staging is essentially the technique of property styling and neatening up your home to make it more enticing for potential buyers. There are many benefits to be had from home staging, including giving you the best potential outcome when putting your property on the market.

Growth in popularity and interest

One of the biggest advantages of styling your property is that it encourages more viewings. When looking at a house online, things that may seem minor like clutter or brightly coloured walls can have a huge impact on deterring a viewer away. Therefore, painting your walls with a neutral palette or tidying up loose cables could be the major deciding factor in whether or not someone will come to view the property in person. In fact, The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland, conducted a survey on home staging, finding that 94% of people said home staging increased the number of viewings at their property, showing that it is definitely worthwhile!

Modern dining room

Quicker sale

It may seem obvious to mention but more viewings = a higher likelihood of selling. Clearly, the more people looking at your property enables more opportunities for a sale, so the long-waiting game is no more! Not only this, but home staging creates a competitive atmosphere for potential buyers. This means, they are more likely to make an offer above the asking price, which is a huge win! Consider using our professional home styling services such as jet washing your patio so that viewers are instantly greeted with an attractive exterior, or re-arranging furniture to optimise space.

Modern waiting area

A blank canvas

Another huge benefit to home staging your property is that it allows viewers to envision the space as their own, rather than simply looking at a lived-in property. Create this blank canvas by fixing holes in the walls which may be left from hanging pictures, or repairing ceiling cracks, so that the space appears brand-new. As previously mentioned, we also recommend our team of London decorators who can paint your walls with a light tone such as cream or white to provide a fresh, clean slate for new homeowners.

Modern kitchen

So, is it worth it?

We believe it is fair to say that there are significant advantages when using home styling techniques to sell your property. It not only creates a welcoming environment for viewers to explore and envision their daily life in but it also increases the likelihood of selling your property and selling it at a great price too! When comparing the benefits of home staging with properties that didn’t use these presentation methods, 86% of people reported a staged home selling up to 3 times faster than an unstaged one. So, it’s a no-brainer!

Modern living room

By implementing a few of our services at The Handy Squad, you could make a huge difference to the overall value of your property. Contact us today at 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form if home staging is something you would like us to help with.

How to create an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen will not only add extra functionality to your outdoor space but will also increase the value of your home. Plus, it will give the foodies in the house (and guests!) the perfect place to enjoy al fresco cooking and eating. Modern outdoor kitchens go beyond a dining area and a charcoal grill. Instead, modern kitchens have adapted to the needs of today’s homeowners who want to maximise their space and fully enjoy their home inside and out, no matter the season.

Set a budget.

Of course, modern kitchen projects will depend on individual budgets. Some modern outdoor kitchens might feature high-tech appliances whilst others might be more focused on the do-it-yourself route to cut costs. We recommend making a base budget with some wiggle room as project costs might end up being more than anticipated.

Assess the space.

It is essential to assess the available space to know the type of outdoor kitchen you can install, including the types of appliances and how much seating space you will have. On smaller properties, the choices for the location of an outdoor kitchen are limited. However, there are countless small outdoor kitchen ideas that can inspire you and offer various options for modest outdoor spaces.

Outdoor seating.

Our London carpenters can assemble kitchen units, indoors and outdoors. So, if you have made up your mind on a specific kitchen unit but need a second pair of hands assembling and aligning it, get in touch with our team. Plus, our painters and decorators near me can paint exterior surfaces, such as paint house exteriors, to ensure the space you have for your outdoor kitchen looks its best.

Consider the material.

Outdoor kitchen.

If you want to design an outdoor kitchen for your British home, the outdoor kitchen needs to be weatherproof. Make sure you choose materials that can withstand the constant weather changes. Plus, we recommend picking materials that are easy to clean and low-maintenance, so you can enjoy this area of your home as much as possible with as little hassle as possible.

Don’t forget the plumbing.

Outdoor sink.

Without running water outside, you will have to keep going back and forth in and out of the house which might be a frustrating experience when you are trying to have conversations with your guests. At the Handy Squad, we have a team of plumbers in London, who can install garden taps, install sinks and complete a variety of other plumbing tasks you might require for your outdoor kitchen.

Light the space.

Let’s face it – you will not have excellent lighting conditions every day. You might be planning on having a daytime barbecue get-together with friends but it has extended into an evening of good food and cocktails. However, with no proper lighting, you will not be able to enjoy the rare warm summer evenings.

Outdoor lighting.

Your outdoor kitchen should be properly lit to ensure you can enjoy alfresco eating no matter the time of the day. Plus, remember to add some ambient lighting around your outdoor kitchen to create the right mood as well as lighting around the garden, so you and your guests can clearly see where you are stepping. Our electricians can install outdoor lighting, change light transformers on your current outdoor lights and more.

Shelter is essential.

Outdoor kitchen.

Shelter is one of the main features any outdoor kitchen should have. Not only will shelter allow you to enjoy your outdoor kitchen outside the summer months but it will also cover your outdoor kitchen appliances from the elements and, in turn, ensure these last longer.

How to prepare a house for sale

Before putting your property on the market, it is vital to spend some time preparing your house for viewings. Not only will this increase the likelihood of getting more offers but it might also help receive higher offers. If you want to prepare your property yourself, we have put together the essential to-do tasks you should consider doing before selling it.

Alternatively, if you prefer to leave these tasks to the professionals, our team at the Handy Squad will be able to help. We have a large team of tradesmen, from handymen and electricians to plumbers and decorators who can quickly prepare your house and/or flat before putting it on the market.

De-clutter and clean.

Clean windows.

Before opening your property for viewings, it is key to give the house a deep clean. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to get distracted by dusty surfaces and large stains on the floor. Whilst deep cleaning the property, you can get rid of any unwanted clutter or remove any unnecessary items that might be taking up the room.

De-personalise the space.

Modern and sleek interiors.

De-personalising a home is all about creating a neutral and impersonal space. This means removing personal items, family photos and similar belongings to allow homeowners to envision the space as their own. It also includes updating outdated furnishings or simply moving them around. This will also help buyers not feel like they are intruding in your space or being distracted by your belongings. Our London handyman can also help rearrange furniture or, for those looking to add more neutral furniture, assemble flatpack furniture.

Go neutral.

Neutral house colours.

Part of de-personalising is going neutral but it is much more than that. Neutral colour palettes will not only give your property a modern and sleek look but will also help potential buyers imagine the home decorated in their own way. Flamboyant wallpapers and bold paint colours might be more distracting and overwhelming. Our painters and decorators will be able to hang wallpaper as well as paint any surfaces that you might require, including painting doors, painting rooms and painting kitchen cabinets.

Get rid of bad house smells.

Spray and clean house.

Eliminate smells that can put off buyers, including pet smells, toilet smells and bin smells. At the same time, do not go overboard and make a space smell too overpowering. The key is to opt for subtle scents that make any space feel and smell fresh. In case your property has bad smells coming from the pipes, consider speaking to a professional plumber. Our plumbers can unblock baths, install sinks, replace water taps and more.

Tackle home repairs.

Kitchen repair and improvement.

Do you have holes in your halls left by picture frames? Are there cracks on the walls and ceilings? Perhaps your bathroom door needs replacing? Or maybe you want to swap your old light switches with modern, new ones? Our professionals will be able to help. Our electricians can replace light switches, our decorators can repair holes in walls, our carpenters can hang new doors and more. A little goes a long way, and tackling these small issues, means that your home will be in better condition for those viewing the house.

Enhance the curb appeal.

Curb appeal of a house.

Let’s be honest, first impressions count, even more so during a house viewing. Ensure that the entrance of your home looks as good as possible will leave a good impression on potential buyers. This means: painting the house exterior, pressure the driveway, replacing the light transformer on your exterior lights, and even giving a new lick of paint to your entrance stairs.


Summer home improvement projects

Summer is the best time of the year to tackle interior and exterior home improvement projects. Not only is it warm enough to enjoy being outdoors but it is also the perfect weather to have the windows open and let your house breathe after re-painting rooms, furniture, floors… you name it!

So, what are the top home improvement projects to complete during summer? At the Handy Squad, we have completed countless home renovations, repairs and improvements across all seasons but today, we have put together a selection of home improvement projects perfect for summer. Ready to roll up your shelves and give your home an uplift?

Summer home improvement projects.

In case you want to improve the look of your home but either does not have the time or want to enjoy the lovely sunny weather, leave it to the professionals. Put your feet up and let our tradesmen tackle all the home improvement projects you require. Request a booking by filling our online form and let us know the type of work that needs to be carried out.

Pressure wash the patio.

Wash the patio.

Pressure wash any outdoor surfaces that are looking grubby, mossy and dirty. This includes the patio, driveway and stone steps. Perhaps you have noticed that weeds started to grow out of the cracked grout in-between patio slabs? If so, it’s time to regrout paving stones as well as pressure wash. If you require an experienced tradesman to pressure wash your outdoor paving, we offer various jet washing services.

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Paint garden fence.

Paint garden fence.

A damaged garden fence is not doing much whilst an old and not-so-white garden fence will be an eyesore in any garden. So, why not update your garden fence this summer? Garden fences, garden sheds and other exterior wooden furnishings can be quickly uplifting with a new coat of paint. We can paint a variety of surfaces, including paint garden fences, paint exterior doors and paint house exterior. For a quick refresh, opt to gloss garden fences.

Uplift garden furniture.

Paint garden furniture.

Garden furniture that has been left out in the open during autumn, winter and spring will need some attention. It is recommended to either store or cover outdoor furniture during the harsher months. However, there are always ways to uplift your garden furniture after the cold and wet weather. This includes pressure washing garden furniture, treating wooden garden furniture, painting garden furniture and more.

Clean the gutters.

Clean gutters.

Gutters can easily be filled with leaves and debris after storms and other weather conditions. To ensure the normal flow of water, clean the gutters. Besides eliminating blockages, it is also essential to make sure gutters are in good condition and without cracks and leakages.

Replace old windows.

Replacing windows.

Replacing windows during the cold months of winter will be the last thing you will want to do. So, leave it for summer (if you can!). Whether your windows are not working as they should and need repairing or you have old windows that have been draughtproof year after year but still letting cold air in and warm air out, it’s time to replace the windows. Our carpenters can replace sash windows, repair sash windows and more.

How to restore wooden decking

Every now and again you will have to refresh your wooden decking to ensure it is looking its best. What better time to do it than summertime or even before summer starts? This way, your outdoor space will look as good as possible for you and your guests to enjoy during your summer get-togethers and barbecues.

Step 1  – Make any necessary repairs.

To ensure the safety and stability of your deck, it is essential to tackle any cracked or broken boards as soon as possible. Any rotted wood should also be dealt with, and if the wooden boards are beyond repair, these should be replaced.

Step 2 – Sand it down.

Starting from a black canvas will help your deck stain adhere better. Remove any paint and/or old varnish from the wood boards with a paint scraper and sander. Make sure to sand down all areas of the deck so the surface is level.

Step 3 – Scrub and clean the surface.

Get rid of any dirt and debris by cleaning the surface. If your decking has tough stains, algae or moss, give pressure washing a go. After the whole surface has been cleaned, let it fully dry before applying the deck stain. If you need a second pair of hands to pressure wash your decking, we offer various jet washing services that might suit your needs.

Step 4 – Apply deck stain.

There is a wide selection of deck stains and deck paints to uplift the look of your wooden deck. So, choose the best product for your project and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply the specific product. It is recommended to paint or stain decking by following the same direction of the wood grain. Wait for the first coat to dry before applying a second one (if needed).

In case you do not want to enjoy your weekend instead of having the hassle of staining or painting decking, get in touch with our team. Our painters and decorators can paint various surfaces, including painting stairs as well as glossing wooden fences. Request a quote today by filling our online booking form or give us a call at 0800-0-12-12-12 and let us know how we can help.

What does a home staging company do?

Home staging is an essential part of putting houses on the market. Simply put, home staging is a way of making your home look as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Home staging makes houses easier to market as potential buyers can easily envision themselves in the house plus, have less work to do when moving in.

Neutral living room.

According to the 2021 Home Staging Report by Home Staging Association, “staged properties get more viewing and stay less time in the market, and have higher chances of receiving higher offers. Staging a property is no longer a method for simply increasing offer value – it has become a necessity for maintaining and even exceeding pricing expectations.”

What is a home staging company?

A home staging company consists of professionals who can stage properties for you. At the Handy Squad, we offer a team of professional tradesmen who have experience in different fields to help you with all aspects of your home. From London electricians and carpenters to painters and decorators and general handymen and many other tradesmen who can repair, replace and re-decorate your home.

So, if you are searching for home staging London, look no further than the Handy Squad. Get in touch with our team today by calling 0800-0-12-12-12 or requesting a quote by filling our online booking form.

Rearrange furniture.

What does home staging involve?

Sometimes referred to as property presentation or property styling, the home staging process will depend on your specific situation. Some houses might require complete re-decorating whilst other properties might simply need rearranging furniture. Some of the services our Squad can offer to prepare houses for the market, include:

Handyman services.

Before putting your house on the market, it is key to ensure that your property is clean, tidy and without clutter. Our handyman in London offer a variety of services that you might require. From cable tidying to make sure there are no loose cables obstructing the floor to putting up shelves in order for you to perfectly display your beautiful décor.

Bespoke shelves.

Decorating services.

Painting and decorating services are on top of any home staging to-dos. From giving your home a neutral palette to allow potential buyers to have a clean slate to start from to repairing any holes on the walls left by family pictures and paintings, re-decorating is an important part of staging your home for an upcoming sale. Our decorators can paint rooms, fix holes in walls, repair plaster walls, fix ceiling cracks and much more.

Painting rooms.

Electrician services.

When potential buyers visit your property, all electrics should be working properly. Our electricians can test lighting circuits and test portable appliances to make sure all your electrics are safe to use. In addition to this, our experienced electricians can also change lightbulbs, replace plug sockets and complete many other electrician services.

Changing lightbulbs.

Carpentry services.

Whether your bathroom sash windows are not opening and closing as they should or your wooden flooring is looking old and worn, our carpenters will be able to help. Our team can repair sash windows, fit new flooring, replace cupboard doors, hang new doors, and much more.

Fit wooden cupboards.

Plumbing services.

Our London plumbers can fix leaking taps, repair radiators, unblock toilets and install a variety of appliances and hardware, including install water disposal units and install garden taps. Bad plumbing and/or plumbing issues might put potential buyers off. So, make sure the property’s plumbing is in working order.

Repair radiators.

At the Handy Squad, we also offer other services that you might look for when looking for professional home staging. Get in touch with our team today by calling 0800-0-12-12-12 and let us know how we can help!

Painting Tools — How to Use and Care for Them

Painting is one of the most essential DIY jobs – with a quick brushstroke and your favourite paint colour, you can completely change the look of a room (or re-touch any chipped areas to refresh a space!).

At the Handy Squad, we have painted many homes and commercial spaces in London – from painting front doors to painting offices spaces and even painting home exteriors… we sure know a thing or two about painting. One of the things we can all agree on is the importance of caring for your painting tools.

Whether you use paint brushes or prefer paint rollers, it is essential to look after your tools and maintain them properly to ensure these continue to work as they should for many years to come.

Paint Brushes

Still the default painting tool, brushes come in many types and depend partly on what you’re willing to pay. You can make do with perfectly adequate cheap brushes which you discard after use. On the other hand, reusable brushes go up to professional quality, and the best synthetic fibres both give a finer finish and don’t shed bristles.

Using water-based paint.

The way you clean and store brushes depend on the paint you’ve been using. If it’s water-based, just clean them with water and wrap them in any of the various substances from lint-free cloth to foil.

Using oil-based or solvent-based paint.

If you’re using oil-based or solvent-based paint, brushes should be stored immersed in the recommended cleaning fluid, ensuring the bristles aren’t resting on the bottom of the container. You can use an improvised container or buy a purpose-made cleaning tub, which will come with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Paint Rollers

The quickest and most efficient way to cover large surfaces is to use a roller, although you’ll still need brushes for edges and corners. It’s also worth remembering that rolled coats are thinner than if you use brushes, so you’ll need more of them.

If you’re using a roller, you need to buy trays of non-drip emulsion. The type of roller sleeve you use will determine the finish — short-pile for a smooth surface, for instance, or shaggy sheepskin for texture.

Whichever you use, when you’ve coated the roller with paint, roll it across the tray’s ribbed surface to ensure a smooth covering. To get a smooth blend at the edges, always work your way back to the area you’ve covered when you start with a newly charged roller.

Paint Pads

Paint pads, rectangular bonded fibres with a foam back that allows for flexibility, are ideal if you want to cover a large area with liquid paint. The paint tray that comes with them has a built-in roller, allowing you to remove excess paint. With the pad flat against the wall, gently scrub it from the corner, painting strips around four-time the pad’s width.

Paint Pods

This is a power painting tool, allowing the paint to feed through from the paint pack to a roller attachment. It also has a triangular brush for painting the edges. It has a self-cleaning cycle, clearly explained in the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you want to free yourself from the job of painting and are looking for “painters and decorators near me“,  it’s time to call the Squad. Our experienced team of painters and decorators in London will be able to paint kitchen cupboards, repair cracks in wallshang wallpaper and complete many other tasks to uplift the look of your property. Wait no further – contact us today and let us know how we can help! Alternatively, request a booking by filling our online form.