The Handy Squad process

You have something in your home or premises that needs fixing.

It may be useful to take some pictures to show what needs doing.

You call The Handy Squad on 08000 12 12 12 or fill in the online booking form on our website.

We will take payment card details to confirm the booking, but you can pay with a different card if you wish.

If your job is large or complex, we will appoint one of our handymen, electricians or plumbers to visit you and prepare a quote.

If your job is more simple, we will book a time for one of our tradesmen to come round and carry out the job.

Our schedulers will estimate how long a visit you will need from the information you give and book a slot accordingly.

We typically allow a one hour window for their arrival time.

The tradesman will arrive and show you his I.D.

He will always reassess the job on arrival to see if more time will be required than originally estimated.

When he begins the job, he will make a note of the time.

When the work is complete, the tradesman will show you a job ticket telling you what he has done with a detailed breakdown of the cost, which he will ask you to sign.

He will take card or cheque payment before he leaves and a receipt will automatically be emailed to you.

In the unlikely event that the work is substandard, call us back and we will arrange for it to be remedied at no charge.

You will be charged for each half hour you use, subject to a minimum of 1/2 an hour for handymen and 1 hour for plumbers, electricians and for early bird visits.

We hope you become a happy customer.