/ Latest News / 23rd February 2015

What can a handyman in London do for you? (23 Feb 2015)

While it might be a little strong to decry DIY as the bane of many people’s lives, it would be fair to say that it is one of the most frequently avoided tasks. For many, the prospect of spending any amount of leisure time attending to jobs such as fixing the bathroom door handle, cleaning the gutters or even assembling flat pack furniture is an anathema. By hiring a handyman in London, you can save yourself from having to do any of these tasks, ever again! The team at The Handy Squad are a friendly bunch of experienced handymen, each one background checked and vetted by the company. We also furnish many of our team with scooters, perfect for getting around the notorious London traffic!

The team are ready to take on your DIY projects including decorating and are just a call away. While they typically work on a time based rate, we also offer a great range of packages, offering a single price solution for a range of needs for example a two hour session securing your home (perfect if you have just moved) or two hours baby proofing your home (ready for the new arrival).

While many feel the pressure to take household tasks into their own hands, possibly out of pride or budgetary concerns, perhaps it’s time to consider the ramifications of return on investment of both the time and costs. If you spend an afternoon and £100 on wallpapering equipment, only to find six months down the line that the paper is peeling, it is less efficient than paying a handyman in London to do it right in the first place, as per the old adage “buy cheap, buy twice