/ Latest News / 27th February 2015

When Should You Hire a Plumber in London? (27 Feb 2015)

When renovating your home, or fixing problems and breakages, it can be tempting to do the work yourself. Sometimes this is ok when the problem is simple, such as unblocking a sink or bleeding a radiator. Doing it yourself means you save money and hassle hiring a plumber, so you can get back on with your daily life with as few inconveniences as possible.

Other times, however, deciding to do the work yourself can be disastrous. If you take on a task too difficult then you risk making the problem worse, potentially losing time and money and possibly even damaging other areas of your home. In these cases, it is always best to hire a plumber in London. Bathroom renovations, for example, should always be carried out by a professional unless you have experience in this area. If you have never fitted a bathroom before then you may do it wrong, causing flooding and losing money on materials bought for the renovation.

You should also hire a plumber in London if you have an unidentified problem as they will likely be able to diagnose the issue faster and more accurately than you. Not only will this save you time, but it may also save you money again as you will avoid misdiagnoses and treating a problem that doesn’t exist, or treating the right problem incorrectly.

More dangerous tasks also require an experienced plumber, so you can avoid injuring yourself or causing injury to others. If, for example, you need a new boiler then you should always contact a plumber in London. If boilers are not fitted properly then it may not adhere to gas safety regulations and thus may be unsafe.

All in all, unless you know what you’re doing, you should never do any diy plumbing. Any task that can cause significant damage or injury should be done by a plumber in London and – let’s face it – even the smallest accident involving water can cause huge amounts of damage. Why risk losing huge amounts of money, wasting loads of time, or injuring yourself or your family when you can hire a plumber in London? The Handy Squad are a team of trained handymen who will get your plumbing jobs done at your convenience, as quickly and as safely as possible. But if you’re set on doing the job yourself, check out their free Handy Hints for a little bit of advice and guidance so you know you’ll get the job done to the highest standard you can.