/ Latest News / 23rd October 2018

How to winter-proof your home

It’s almost that time of the year. The days start to get shorter, the scarves get out of the closet and the best thing to do after a long day of work is sitting next to the fire with a nice cuppa. Although the British weather is already famous for being cold and rainy, the British winter is the holy grail of cold and rainy days. That’s why you should winter-proof your home, thus making sure you’ll keep warm and stay away from unwanted colds.

  • Clean gutters and drains

Clearing any leaves and garden debris from your gutters and drains is of the upmost importance. By cleaning your home’s gutters, it will prevent damp from getting into the walls and by cleaning the drains you’ll be preventing blockages, which will prevent future water overflow.

  • Check your pipes

Start by making sure your downpipes aren’t cracked and that the water is running properly. To prevent burst pipes, frozen pipes and avoid blockages, wrapping your pipes in lagging would be the way to go. Lagging can be easily bought online or in some DIY stores for just a few pounds.

  • Insulate your home

Proper home insulation can reduce heat loss, reduce utility bills and save energy. Some of the heat in a house is lost through the walls and loft, for this reason insulating your loft and wall cavities is more important than ever. Loft insulation will not only help your home stay war during the winter, but it will also help your home stay cooler during the summer.

  • Seal windows and doors

If you are feeling chilly breezes in your house, it is most likely draughts coming from cracks or gaps around doors, windows or even letterboxes – these gaps are easily sealed with insulating strips. Additionally, if you have standard windows, we would recommend to double or triple glazing them to reduce heat loss.

  • Service the boiler

The worse thing that could happen on a chilly morning while you are trying to get ready for work is turning on the shower and water is completely freezing – we all know how that feels! In order for this not to happen again, make sure you get a professional to undertake an annual servicing of your boiler. This way, you’ll be assured that you’ll be able to take warm showers in the colder of wintery days.

In case your radiators are cold at the top and warm at the bottom they will require bleeding. It might seem daunting, but it is easily done. By doing this you’ll release excess air and ensure your radiators will keep your home warm throughout the winter.

  • Be smart with a thermostat

Be sure to keep your heating low during the day manually or with a timer to prevent frozen pipes. In case it’s a very cold day remember to switch the heating on earlier than turning on the thermostat up really quickly.

  • Hire an expert to undertake an energy audit

Our experienced electricians in London will be able to conduct an energy audit in your home or office to find any faults with your electrical circuit or with any of your electrical appliances to make sure you’ll keep warm and cosy during the winter.