How To Use A Jet Washer

How To Use A Jet WashJet washers provide an effective method for tackling some of the more difficult cleaning duties in outdoor areas. From defacements involving gum and graffiti to natural blemishes like weeds and moss, it’s never been so easy to lift the grime from your personal property.

Before purchasing a jet washer, it’s important to choose the right model for the task at hand. As efficient and versatile as these devices are, deciding on the most suitable pressure rating and size of water flow will always produce the best results. We also encourage you to take into account the weight of the machine, whether it has wheels included, and the length of the hose and cables.

Washing your car can also be a quick, easy task. Simply reduce the pressure when targeting painted or delicate areas, and crank up the power when focusing on tough dirt to pry it loose. A variety of attachments are available to facilitate more specific jobs, as well. From detergent tanks storing car shampoo to variable brush attachments, giving your car that sparkling finish can be cheaper, faster, and more enjoyable than ever before.

For patios, driveways, walls and other surfaces, start with a high pressure blast to clear weeds, moss, algae and general muck within seconds. Follow-up with a more gentle spray to cleanse the remaining residue and you’ll finish your high maintenance cleaning in a fraction of the time.

Of course, you may find you want one of these technical wonders to grace your property no more than once or twice a year, in the hands of a trained professional. You might be short on free time, intimidated by the massive selection of products, reluctant to get hands on with unfamiliar equipment, or simply more comfortable with the idea of leaving the job to an expert.

Our jet washing specialists can give your garden such a drastic makeover, you’ll barely recognise it. We treat an array of different materials with our exclusive Garden Refresh package, restoring your outdoor furnishings to a pristine state.

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