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How to make your home cosier this winter

The cold and dark nights of winter might leave you with seasonal blues. The best way to combat the terrible winter mood is by transforming your home into a warm and cosy winter-ready retreat. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can make your space more inviting and comfortable to survive and thrive during the cold winter months.

Add layers and texture.

Add chunky knits, flannel bedding, weighted blankets and throw quilts – these layers of texture will not only keep you warm on the coldest nights of the year but will also add some cosiness to any room.

Install new lights.

Lights play an important role in your home’s ambience. The right light will add warmth to your room and create a cosy feel. At the Handy Squad, we have a highly experienced team of London electricians who can help you install light fixtures, replace light bulbs and many other electrician-related tasks you might require.

Try a new colour palette.

Colours can impact the mood and feel of a room, so choosing your colour palette wisely is very important. According to colour psychology, cool colours such as blue tones are calming and relaxing colours, being ideal for bedrooms to create calmness and reduce stress. Warm neutral paint colours are great for making your space feel cosy all winter. If you need an extra pair of hands, our decorators in London will be happy to help!

If you are renting a property and are looking for non-permanent ways to make your space feel more inviting, we’ve put together some easy and quick ways to add colour into your home in a recent blog post.

Seal windows and doors.

Are you relaxing on your sofa with a nice cup of tea but keep feeling a cold breeze coming from somewhere in the house? It’s time to call the Squad to draughtproof your home. We can figure out where this draught is coming from and seal the culprit, so the cold air stays out and the warm air stays in.

Swap your curtains.

Replace your sheers or lightweight curtains with some heavy drapes or blackout curtains – these will help with insulate your room during the winter plus, are also great to cool off your room when it’s warm outside.

If you need any help with these tasks, don’t hesitate to contact the Handy Squad. Our team can be easily reached on 0800-0-12-12-12. Alternatively, request a free quote by filling our online booking form.





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