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How to improve your garden this winter

It’s important to take care of your garden no matter the season. If you are looking to get your garden in tip-top shape ready for spring or simply to give your garden a small uplift, we’ve put together some ideas that might just do the trick.

Tidy up the shed.

First and foremost, it’s time for your seasonal garden shed tidy up. You might have things that you don’t use anymore and could help someone else with their gardening – why not donate to charity or try to sell it online?

Organise everything you want to keep, so it doesn’t get cluttered again. You can do this by adding a magnetic bar to store tools, adding open shelving to your shed and/or dividing everything is storage boxes and labelling the boxes properly.

Welcome wildlife.

Help wildlife survive winter by adding wildlife feeders around your garden and making bug hotels. These can be great activities to do with the family, not only will you be helping garden wildlife, but also teaching your little ones about all the animals that usually visit your garden.

Give your outdoors a new coat of paint.

Add some colour to your garden by painting old terracotta pots, re-painting your garden shed or simply staining your wooden fence. A new coat of paint will always give any garden a refreshed look. If you need an extra pair of hands to paint your outdoors, feel free to get in touch with our London decorators.

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Add outdoor lighting.

Cheer up your garden in the winter by adding some outdoor lighting. There are plenty of lighting options to make your garden shine during the cold and dark winter nights, from spotlights to fairy lights. Our electricians in London can help install new outdoor lighting and complete a variety of other electrician-related tasks you might need.

Build a greenhouse.

A greenhouse can help your green thumbs get to work during the winter, so it’s time to build a greenhouse. If you are searching for how to build a greenhouse, we’ve already written a blog post about it, so there is no need to search any further. Once your greenhouse is built, you can start growing potatoes, pak choi, spinach, cabbage and a variety of other vegetables all winter long.

If you need an extra pair of hands to improve your garden this winter, our team is happy to help. Request a quote today by filling our online booking form or give our team a call on 0800-0-12-12-12.



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