How to give a home kerb appeal

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that your visitors will look at, and as we all know, first impressions are quite important. Have you ever walked into a home which was beautiful on the inside, but its outside didn’t make it look welcoming? That’s exactly what you don’t want to happen when your friends come to visit.

Kerb appeal is the term used to describe the attractiveness of your home’s exterior and we’re certain that you want to make sure your home is always in top shape, both inside and outside. Follow our tips and tricks below to give your home some serious kerb appeal.

Focus on your entrance door

Entrance doors are used every day and are exposed to all weather conditions, so it’s normal when they start showing wear and tear. Maybe the colour is fading, starting to peel off or there are some cracks on the door. Give a bit of extra love to your front door by taking care of these little details every now and then.

Maybe your door frame has been damaged after a break-in, we would recommend repairing it as soon as possible. Our team of carpenters in London will be able to repair your door frame and even hang a new door if needed. Go one step further and call our London locksmiths, who’ll be able to install a higher security door lock, so you can feel safe at home.

A fresh coat of paint makes wonders

An easy way to improve your home’s appearance is to repaint it. You can choose to paint it with the same colour, or you might want to choose something different. Maybe by having an accent colour on your front door? Or by giving a different colour to the door frame or window frames? If you don’t want to fully paint your home’s exterior, why not just gloss the wooden details and give a new shine?

In case you don’t have time to paint the exterior of your home or you simply don’t want to get your hands dirty, enquire with our decorators in London, who are always happy to help. They will be able to gloss your front door, paint your entrance door or paint your whole home exterior.

Don’t forget your windows

The entrance door should be your main focus; however, windows are also very important. If you live in an older property, taking care of your windows is not only vital for the appearance of your home, but also for the overall insulation of your home. Nobody wants to be cold during the winter months due to draughts that are coming through the cracks in old windows. Windows can be repaired, but if yours are beyond repair, our highly-experienced team can replace sash windows in a heartbeat.

Refresh your paving or driveway

The journey to your home should also be looked after. With time, pavement stones start developing cracks and start accumulating grime and dirt. If you need a professional to clean and refresh any paving or driveway areas, our team will be able to give you an extra pair of hands and pressure wash your paving. However, if you notice cracks between paving and broken grout, maybe it’s time to replace the paving stones or regrout the paving.

Let there be light

Add light fixtures to your entrance. This will help you find your keys late at night and will add a stylish and decorative touch. Front light can also make your home look more welcoming and cosier. If you have a front garden, why not add some lights to different areas of the garden? If you need a professional for the job, our highly skilled London electricians will be able to replace old lights and install new lighting fixtures.

Add flowers and greenery

Outdoor plants and flowers can really give a finishing touch to any home. Potted plants on either side of the entrance door always look stunning. If you need any help moving around heavy pots, give our team a call.

If the idea of enhancing your home’s exterior seems like an idea you’d like to pursue, but you simply don’t have enough time on your hands – leave it to the Squad. We are able to take on any big or small jobs you require. Give our team a call today on 0800-0 12 12 12 or request a free quote by filling our online form.