How to Prepare a Wall For Painting

Whether you want a complete home makeover or just want to paint a wall, it’s crucial to oversee an effective planning process to achieve the strong look you desire.

A change is as good as a rest and sprucing up a room can really change how you feel about it.

Taking the time to make sure you have prepared your workspace in a methodical fashion will give you the right start to finish the job in an easy and practical environment.

So here is our easy to follow guide on how to prepare a wall for painting.



Step 1 – Ensure you have the correct materials and equipment

Painting jobs often require a multitude of different materials and equipment. You need to ensure you have all the essentials in order to conduct each part of the job effectively.

You firstly need to set up the room with preparatory equipment. This includes masking tape, for the concealment of wall edges and dust sheets for pieces of furniture that may incur paint splatters.

Once you have prepared your room, you will then require the necessary tools to carry out the painting.

Using quality brushes and trays is an obvious start, but people often forget about safety clothing such as dust masks and rubber gloves.



Step 2 – Clear your room

Once you have all the necessary equipment in place for decorating, you need to ensure that your room has been cleared appropriately.

Large scale items need to be placed in the centre of the room, where they won’t be able to cause any obstruction, whereas small pieces of furniture should be removed completely.

Hardware and appliances also need to be considered. Where possible, devices that can be unscrewed or pulled apart should also be taken out of the room.

Step 3 –  Clean the walls

Having clean walls will maximise the level of quality you achieve with any decorating job. It’s important to tackle any scuffs, marks or dents, to reduce the likelihood of additional coating.

You need to thoroughly dust the entire room from top to bottom. There should be no grease or dirt anywhere, otherwise the painting job will become needlessly harder.

You can use a sugar soap mixture to strengthen the smoothness of walls and help alleviate any uneven areas.

It could be a good idea to replace old or worn out electrics during this phase when your room is clear, as replacing sockets or light switches might damage your new pristine surfaces. We always recommend using a qualified electrician.

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