How to paint a wooden shed

Are you looking for an easy way to add style and personality to your garden? Why not give your old, run-down shed a new chance at life with a fresh coat of paint? This simple renovation can transform your back garden into the bright, sophisticated living space that you deserve.

Colour scheme

First, decide on what colour you’re going to use. If you’re looking to blend your shed in with the garden landscape, muted blues, greys and greens are a great choice. However, if you’re looking to make a statement and have your shed as a focal point, opt for more bold, dramatic colours, like pink and orange. If you can’t decide, a general rule is to choose a colour that accents your garden but complements its surroundings.

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Using a stiff bristle brush, clean the surfaces of your shed. Make sure to remove all moss, dirt and debris, or it could stick out beneath the new paintwork. Wrap sandpaper around a block and scrape to remove any old, flaky paint from the panels.

Place down a protective sheet, to prevent paint from dripping onto the grass/floor and tie back any plants that may get in the way. Using masking tape and newspapers, cover any windows, locks, handles and anything else that you want to protect.

Change into comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on, and put on some gloves to protect your hands.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before painting a shed, as you don’t want to get disrupted by rain or snow.


Stir your paint mix thoroughly, then start to coat your shed from top to bottom. Using either a brush or a roller, go from one side to the other on each panel, following the grain of the wood. Use a smaller brush to go over any details, such as trimmings and vertical edges.

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Finishing touches

Leave the shed to dry, then consider adding a second coat if necessary. Remove all masking tape and protective sheets and check out your stylish new handiwork. Don’t forget to snap a picture and show all your friends your garden’s new edition!

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