How to build a Greenhouse

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Greenhouses are the perfect way to breathe new life into your garden, allowing the growth of fresh fruit and vegetables within a controlled and practical environment. With the spring season approaching, now is the perfect time to start planning and constructing a greenhouse ready for the forthcoming climate.

Securing the base

Making sure you have secured the base of your greenhouse is crucial for structural solidity. Many people typically fix a greenhouse onto a brick or cement surface, in which a galvanised steel base will be required. The width and length of the structure will need to be accurately marked in accordance to the size of your greenhouse.







Once you have the base measured and assembled, you will need to dig out a footing trench to act as the platform to grow produce. The centre will then need to be filled with concrete and levelled out neatly to ensure the surface is precisely even. Once the concrete is dry, mark a line around the entire edge of the footing trench. You will then be able to lay down a course of bricks for the galvanised steel base to rest.

Constructing the Greenhouse

Always start by putting together either the front or back component of your greenhouse. Lay all the pieces down onto a flat surface and put them into the required position, ready to be fixed together. Make sure that angled pieces are facing the correct way and bolts are exposed in the right direction.

You then need to repeat the procedure for the other end and the two side components. Every time a section is put into place, you need to make a loose fixing, ready for it to be placed into its final position.







Once all the sections are placed into their respective positions, they need to be loosely screwed together and then fixed to the galvanised base. The roof bar then needs to be placed on the top of the structure, resting on the two ends.

You then need to make sure everything has been placed correctly. You should use a spirit level to ensure the structure is firm and straight throughout. Once you are certain that your greenhouse has been properly assembled, you will then need to tighten all the screws to their maximum.







The galvanised base will then need to be permanently fixed onto the brick surface, providing you a far stronger finish compared to a cement fixing. This means the structure has now been fully assembled and is ready for the window panels to be installed.

To ensure the panels are fixed securely, you will need to slide a thin layer of rubber around the frame area of the greenhouse. You can now position each panel in its place and fix them using clips. The roof vent should be put together first and put into place along the roof edge. Finally, put the doorway together and slide into position.