Get your home ready for spring

Spring has finally sprung in the UK, blessing us with longer daylight hours and warmer weather. It’s a season of new beginnings and growth – and a great time for us to start preparing our homes for summer.

Paint interior walls

As spring approaches, we see nature coming back to life. Trees blossom, flowers bloom and dull leaves turn bright orange. All this change is likely to leave you itching to brighten up your home with a pop of colour! Repainting your interior walls is a straightforward way to renovate your home, and leaves plenty of room for creativity.

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Reseal your windows and doors

Since caulking can crack and shrink during the colder months, spring is the best time to repair the seal on your doors and windows. Also, properly sealed windows and doors can hold cool air in during the summer months, saving you money on air conditioning!

Repave your driveway

Your front garden is the first aspect of your house that any guests or passers-by see – so why not make a good first impression? Over the winter months, ice, mud and tire rust can wear down your patio, so spring is the perfect time to restore it.

Whether it needs a fresh coat of patio sealer or a brand-new look, our London handyman services are here to help. At the Handy Squad, we can help with anything from odd jobs, to plumbing and electrics. Request a free quote by filling our online booking form.

Make use of garden space

It’s that time of year where we all experience a sudden urge to spend time in our gardens, making the most out of the beautiful weather. Luckily for you, there are hundreds of ways to improve your outdoor space without spending a fortune.

You should start with some basic maintenance; pull out any weeds that are poking through the soil and remove fallen leaves and twigs. Next, mow your lawn and trim any surrounding bushes. Once you’ve taken care of the essentials, you can start to bring your garden to life with vibrant flowers, wind chimes or even a birdbath.

It’s also a good idea to assess your outdoor space for any damage such as broken fences, peeling paintwork, or a run-down shed. Fixing these problems would immediately improve the appearance and feel of your garden.

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We also strongly recommend that a qualified tradesperson completes the relevant safety tests and checks on any DIY work you have completed.