/ Latest News / 18th May 2015

Do You Have a Schedule for Office Repairs in London? (18 May 2015)

Any business premises needs to be kept in tip-top condition in order to send out the best possible message to your clients and contacts when they visit. Any maintenance requirements or Office repairs in London should be seen to as quickly as possible in order to avoid the cost escalating – things that are left will only get worse. It is a great idea to ensure that there is one person in your firm who is responsible for overseeing the office repairs and maintenance, and they should have an annual schedule which will help them plan ahead. Here is how to build your schedule for office repairs in London.

Talk it through

The first thing you should do when writing your maintenance schedule is talk it through with someone as this will help you to focus your thoughts. Write a list of annual, monthly and bi-monthly jobs that need doing together and start to build the schedule so that no major works occur at a time that will be disruptive or inconvenient to the firm. Note any current maintenance needs so that these can be addressed within the schedule.

Draw it up

Once your maintenance schedule is decided, you will need to draw it into a list so that you can plot which jobs should happen at which time of year. Of course there will be the unpredictable and ad-hoc jobs that need doing too, so make sure you build in time to take this into account. Some jobs are best done in the winter while others are best carried out in the summer so take time to decide on this.

Plan ahead

Once your schedule is sorted you will be able to plan ahead which should hopefully mean no nasty surprises. Being able to plan works long in advance means that you have plenty of time to think the work through and also to find the best price for the work.

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