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Autumn home improvement projects

With the end of the hot summer days, autumn quickly approaches – leaves are turning yellow, weather is not too hot nor too cold, and there is a scent of spices in the air. After relaxing during summer on your much-needed holiday, you’ve ended up putting aside all of those home improvement tasks that you simply didn’t feel like completing then, so now it’s the right time! Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work.

Repair patios and driveways.

Small cracks and gaps might have appeared on your driveway or patio, which now have weeds and grass growing out of them. Don’t let them get comfortable and grow even further by plucking them and then fixing and sealing the cracks.

Caulk window and doors.

Don’t wait until the chilly days of winter to start welcoming you with cold and uncomfortable draughts to start sealing your windows and doors, do it now. Any type of opening on your windows and doors could be letting out warm air and letting in cold air, so start by finding where there are unwanted gaps in your home and cover them. If you need an extra pair of hands, get in touch with our handymen in London, who will be able to draughtproof your home in a jiffy!

Uplift your flooring.

Your flooring goes through a lot of wear and tear – moisture, excessive summer heat, objects falling on the ground, furniture scraping constantly, and so on. If your floors are looking scratched, damaged or dull, think about sanding them down and have them refinished or simply polish your wood floors to restore their shine.

Give your garden some attention.

From painting your garden fence and your shed to cleaning out your greenhouse and adding some outdoor lighting, make sure you give your garden a little bit of an upgrade. Our team can help you with a few things to get your garden to the next level, our professional decorators can paint your garden shed, our London electricians can change your outdoor lights and our experienced plumbers can install garden taps.

Upcycle old furniture.

If you want to change up something in your home, why not upcycle some old furniture and give it a new life? In case you want to make your home look a bit different without having to upcycle any furniture, you can also simply change the furniture around.

Bring autumn inside.

Time to add some warm colours into your home, including yellows, reds, oranges and browns. Whether you want to add some leaves, candles or a couple of new pillows and blankets – anything will do! Grab a warm cup of tea and enjoy the beauty of autumn!