Spring Clean Your Garden with Jet Wash Services from Handy Squad

Winter can be unkind to your garden. Quite apart from most of your plants being dead or sleeping, the paths, patios and steps that looked great in the summer have had dead leaves blown across them and dirt washed over in the rain.By the time the garden’s waking up for spring, what was gleaming stonework is likely to be looking dingy, and your garden furniture could be the worse for wear, whether it’s been out for the winter or stored away somewhere.

Handy Squad can turn your drab winter garden back the way it was with a thorough jet wash.

Paving Stones

Paving stones, whether a patio or a path, look great when they’re first laid, showing up brightly against the green of your garden. Unfortunately, they can easily get dirty, with dirt getting not only between the stones, but into the tiny cracks and crevices in the stones themselves. You’re also likely to find unsightly weeds growing up between slabs.

Handy Squad can jet wash your paving stones, the high-pressure water scouring out dirt from the tiniest crack and shredding weeds. It’ll also wash away any loose grouting from between the slabs, and if this has crumbled too much, it could be time to have your paving regrouted. Handy Squad can remove broken grouting and insert fresh cement in the gaps. Not only will your paving look fresher, but the new grouting will also prevent weeds growing for several years.

Stone Steps

The last thing you want is for your steps, front or back, to cause accidents. Unfortunately, stone steps are prone to just that, since a barely visible layer of moss can grow over the surface, which is slippery when it gets wet. Even if they seem clean, it’s as well to regularly have your stone steps jet washed, to make them safe.

Garden Furniture

If you have wooden garden chairs or tables, they’re likely to get dirty, and they may suffer some rot on the surface. Jet washing your garden furniture cleans out the dirt and any small pieces of rotten wood from the fibres, leaving them almost like new.

To preserve it in its new state and make sure it’s longer till the next jet wash is needed, Handy Squad can treat your wooden garden furniture with wood oil after cleaning. The oil protects the wood against whatever the weather throws at it, as well as preventing it from rotting. If you have the full service, you’ll be extending the life of your garden furniture.

Contact us for more information about our jet washing services.

Do You Have a Schedule for Office Repairs in London? (18 May 2015)

Any business premises needs to be kept in tip-top condition in order to send out the best possible message to your clients and contacts when they visit. Any maintenance requirements or Office repairs in London should be seen to as quickly as possible in order to avoid the cost escalating – things that are left will only get worse. It is a great idea to ensure that there is one person in your firm who is responsible for overseeing the office repairs and maintenance, and they should have an annual schedule which will help them plan ahead. Here is how to build your schedule for office repairs in London.

Talk it through

The first thing you should do when writing your maintenance schedule is talk it through with someone as this will help you to focus your thoughts. Write a list of annual, monthly and bi-monthly jobs that need doing together and start to build the schedule so that no major works occur at a time that will be disruptive or inconvenient to the firm. Note any current maintenance needs so that these can be addressed within the schedule.

Draw it up

Once your maintenance schedule is decided, you will need to draw it into a list so that you can plot which jobs should happen at which time of year. Of course there will be the unpredictable and ad-hoc jobs that need doing too, so make sure you build in time to take this into account. Some jobs are best done in the winter while others are best carried out in the summer so take time to decide on this.

Plan ahead

Once your schedule is sorted you will be able to plan ahead which should hopefully mean no nasty surprises. Being able to plan works long in advance means that you have plenty of time to think the work through and also to find the best price for the work.

If you need help with your office repairs in London then there really is one name to call. The Handy Squad are able to handle all of your office repair requirements from your plumbing and electrical needs right through to large-scale building works. Visit our website to find out more about the services that they offer.

How to Handle Office Maintenance in London Requirements (8 May 2015)

No matter how large or small your office premises are, they will need regular maintenance if you want to keep them in a good state of repair. A clean and well-presented office will say all the right things to your visitors and you cannot risk your offices falling into disrepair as it will reflect very badly on you. From tiny little day-to-day maintenance needs right through to larger jobs such as knocking through walls and replacing windows, you need someone that you can call on to get the job done. Here’s how to organise office maintenance in London.

Ad-Hoc Repairs

Some companies choose to handle their office maintenance requirements on an as-and-when basis. This means that when problems occur, somebody has to contact someone to get the problem fixed. While this is a great low-commitment way of doing things, it often means that you end up paying a higher price, or having to wait longer than you’d wish for someone to come out.


If you have regular maintenance needs then it is a great idea to start thinking about keeping someone on a retainer to carry out your repairs. Office maintenance in London is big business and you will be spoilt for choice – so make sure you make your decision carefully. You will need to sign a contract in able to get their ongoing help, so make sure you read the Ts and Cs carefully before committing.

The best of both worlds!

If you are reluctant to sign a contract but you need an office maintenance company that you can rely on, then there are companies out there that can help. Have a look online and ring around to find out what they are offering and on what terms. You’ll be amazed at the amount of people out there who will be able to offer you a great service in return for guaranteed work.

If you are looking for someone to carry out your office maintenance in London, then the Handy Squad are the perfect solution! Our highly skilled team of trained builders, electricians, plumbers and handymen will make sure that all of your office maintenance requirements are met to standards that exceed your expectations. Give us a call or visit our website today.

Qualifications to Look for in an Electrician in London (3 May 2015)

Whether you have a fault that needs repairing, an electrical item that needs replacing, or electrics that need installing, it’s always best to get a qualified electrician in London to do the job. Doing these jobs yourself can seem like the cheapest option, but inexperienced people may damage the electrics, causing additional costs in replacements.

Inexperienced people also risk the safety of themselves and others when carrying out electrical jobs as injury or even death can occur whilst attempting to do an electrician’s job, or afterwards due to mistakes made by the untrained person. For instance a survey in the UK in 2010 conducted by Electrical Safety First found that 28 people died of electrocutions or fatal electric burns and 2.5 million people received a mains voltage electric shock with 350,000 of those being seriously injured.

For the same reasons mentioned above, you also need to ensure that the electrician in London you employ to do the job is fully trained and qualified. In order to qualify as an electrician, the person doing the job will have achieved at least one of a handful of industry-recognised qualifications at level 3. These include the following: Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Electrotechnical Services (Electrical Maintenance); Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment (Buildings, Structures and the Environment; Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures), if completed as part of an apprenticeship. The first two mentioned are accredited by City and Guilds and EAL, the latter is accredited by City and Guilds only.

Depending on the job you need carrying out, you may also want to ensure that the electrician in London has one or multiple other qualifications. For example, in order to do portable appliance testing (that’s PAT testing to you or I), you have to display competency by achieving qualifications such as the award in the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, and by having experience.

In future, you may also find that electricians doing simple domestic work have a Domestic Electrician Qualification. This is a new qualification introduced in 2014, which allows those successful to do domestic jobs without completing the full courses necessary for more complicated work. This level of education is perfect for handymen who may stick to domestic work for the duration of their careers.

If you would like help from an electrician in London that’s qualified for the job, talk to us at The Handy Squad today.

Getting the Best Results from Office Maintenance in London (8 Apr 2015)

Office maintenance in London is an important subject for any business operating in the capital. Poorly maintained offices can potentially impact on productivity and employee morale, whereas well-maintained ones can help your business to be at its best in the busy, competitive and fast-moving economic landscape of London. To get the most out of office maintenance, there are a few things you should think about.

Act Quickly

It might well be that you start to notice problems with your office that have not yet grown too bad and don’t yet urgently need attention. The temptation can therefore be to put off having them seen to until the matter becomes a bit more pressing. Often, however, this just means that you are giving the problem time to have a bigger impact on your business, and raising the eventual repair bill as the problem gets worse and requires more work to deal with. It is often better to have things seen to quickly and efficiently.

Minimise Disruption

Unfortunately, office maintenance in London can itself impact on your business’s productivity – albeit not usually as much as leaving important work neglected. However, trustworthy and high-quality maintenance professionals will know how to work with you and tailor their activities to the way your office works in order to minimise disruption. Talk to your service provider beforehand about ways in which this can be achieved to ensure your business keeps running as smoothly as possible.

Emphasise Quality

Good-quality work will help to ensure that your office is in peak condition and your business can run as smoothly as possible. Poor-quality work may be good enough in the short term but will likely need seeing to again much sooner. As such, it is important that you emphasise quality and cost-effective longevity when choosing an office maintenance provider. The best way to achieve this is to use a trustworthy service provider with an established reputation.

To find out more about the subject of office maintenance in London, please take a look through the rest of our site. You will find plenty of information about the various maintenance, upkeep and repair services that are available. If you find you have any questions that aren’t answered by the information we have here on our site, just get in touch and a member of our team will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Why Choosing an Electrician in London Is Ideal (5 Apr 2015)

When choosing an electrician, London is – in many ways – the best part of the UK you can be in. There are a number of different reasons why London is a great place to be when you need to choose an electrician. The capital has many definite advantages and puts you in a better position than many people elsewhere in the country.

Plenty of Choice

London is a busy, bustling city. It is the capital of the UK and one of the financial and economic capitals of the world. As a result, it is filled with businesses of every kind, and even by the standards of a major city it offers an absolute abundance of choice in many areas. When you need to find an electrician, London gives you more options than you are likely to find just about anywhere else. It is true that this can sometimes seem like an overwhelming number of choices, but ultimately it gives you a lot of freedom to find a skilled professional who can complete the work to the standards you need at a good price. Going through a respected company with a strong reputation for service is one of the most valuable ways to ensure you make the best choices.


Sadly, not every electrician is quite as talented as they might claim. However, London is probably home to a greater number of skilled electricians than most other locations. As a thriving, busy city London is a competitive yet lucrative market that often attracts talented professionals. It is also home to a number of respected high-quality training institutions handling everything from essential trades to academia, so London-based electricians often benefit from high standards of training. Lastly, operating in such a busy and varied market means that electricians in London amass large amounts of experience, and start building that experience very quickly after qualifying and embarking on their career. This means that there is a greater selection not just of electricians in general in London, but of well-trained, experienced and highly skilled electricians.

To find out more about electricians in London and sourcing a reliable professional for any kind of electrical work, simply take a look through our site. Alternatively, get in touch if you need further advice from a helpful, friendly member of our team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Water Bill Too High? Time to Find a Plumber in London (2 Apr 2015)

Your water bill should be roughly the same amount every month, and unless you know of any one-off events (for example filling up a swimming pool or leaving a hosepipe on for a prolonged amount of time) you should expect this not to change too much. If your water bill comes in and it’s suddenly a lot higher for reasons that you cannot explain, then you need to look into things further.

First things first

Before you call a plumber in London, there are some tests that you can carry out yourself. Firstly, take a meter reading, and then do not use any water for a couple of hours. After those two hours are up, head back to the water meter and see if it has changed. If it has, and you are certain that you have not used any water, then the likelihood is that you have a leak. If not, then the next test is to repeat the process, this time turning the water off at the stopcock. If the meter moves during any of these tests then you are likely to have a leak and it’s time to call in a plumber in London who can investigate further.

Call the water company

Ring the water company and let them know that you are surprised by the bill. They will make a few recommendations and help you look into why the bill has gone up so much. They will also recommend that you call in a plumber in London who can investigate further. If your property is rented then your landlord should be able to arrange this.

What to say to your plumber

Tell your plumber that your water bill is much higher than usual. It will be useful if you can produce previous bills and work out an average monthly cost so that you can show them the difference. They will inspect your bill and look for any obvious mistakes. They will use various techniques to check for leaks and advise you of their findings.

A high water bill can be stressful, but it is important that you investigate fully to ensure that you do indeed owe this much before you go ahead and pay it. If you’re looking for a reliable, expert plumber in London then you need the services of the Handy Squad. They have all the knowledge and experience required to help you get to the bottom of your water bill problem.

Why Office Maintenance in London Is Vital for Your Business (14 Mar 2015)

There are a number of reasons why you may need to seek out professionals to provide you with office maintenance in London. However, one unfortunate truth is that office maintenance can be disruptive and cost your business money. It can be tempting to ignore any problems with the condition or facilities of your office and instead make do, but in fact proper office maintenance in London is vital for the well-being and performance of your business.


One of the key problems that puts businesses off seeking out much-needed office maintenance is the fear of disruption. Office maintenance inconveniences your staff and disrupts your working operations. However, the short-term disruption of maintenance work will ultimately be outweighed by the long-term impact that sub-standard premises have on your business. Furthermore, good office maintenance companies will know how to work hard to ensure the disruption is minimised as far as possible.

Health and Safety

Another reason why office maintenance in London is important is that damaged, worn or otherwise sub-standard premises can present health and safety hazards for your staff. This can put your staff in danger of injury, harm your efforts to meet legal requirements and potentially make your business liable for any injuries sustained as a result of an unsafe work environment. Some businesses are concerned about the potential health and safety impacts of office maintenance work, but good professionals will know how to handle these risks. The risks associated with not carrying out work should probably be a bigger concern.

New Premises

If your business is about to move to new premises but these premises are not entirely perfect, this may be the best time to carry out office maintenance or any refit work that would make the new offices better suited to the needs of your business. It might seem tempting to focus on one thing at a time and leave these tasks until later if they are not urgent. However, if you can have this work done before moving into the new site, it can minimise disruption later.

To find out more about office maintenance in London and the various different services that you can source, please take a look through our site. Alternatively, get in touch to talk to a member of our team, who will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may still have.

When Should You Hire a Plumber in London? (27 Feb 2015)

When renovating your home, or fixing problems and breakages, it can be tempting to do the work yourself. Sometimes this is ok when the problem is simple, such as unblocking a sink or bleeding a radiator. Doing it yourself means you save money and hassle hiring a plumber, so you can get back on with your daily life with as few inconveniences as possible.

Other times, however, deciding to do the work yourself can be disastrous. If you take on a task too difficult then you risk making the problem worse, potentially losing time and money and possibly even damaging other areas of your home. In these cases, it is always best to hire a plumber in London. Bathroom renovations, for example, should always be carried out by a professional unless you have experience in this area. If you have never fitted a bathroom before then you may do it wrong, causing flooding and losing money on materials bought for the renovation.

You should also hire a plumber in London if you have an unidentified problem as they will likely be able to diagnose the issue faster and more accurately than you. Not only will this save you time, but it may also save you money again as you will avoid misdiagnoses and treating a problem that doesn’t exist, or treating the right problem incorrectly.

More dangerous tasks also require an experienced plumber, so you can avoid injuring yourself or causing injury to others. If, for example, you need a new boiler then you should always contact a plumber in London. If boilers are not fitted properly then it may not adhere to gas safety regulations and thus may be unsafe.

All in all, unless you know what you’re doing, you should never do any diy plumbing. Any task that can cause significant damage or injury should be done by a plumber in London and – let’s face it – even the smallest accident involving water can cause huge amounts of damage. Why risk losing huge amounts of money, wasting loads of time, or injuring yourself or your family when you can hire a plumber in London? The Handy Squad are a team of trained handymen who will get your plumbing jobs done at your convenience, as quickly and as safely as possible. But if you’re set on doing the job yourself, check out their free Handy Hints for a little bit of advice and guidance so you know you’ll get the job done to the highest standard you can.

What can a handyman in London do for you? (23 Feb 2015)

While it might be a little strong to decry DIY as the bane of many people’s lives, it would be fair to say that it is one of the most frequently avoided tasks. For many, the prospect of spending any amount of leisure time attending to jobs such as fixing the bathroom door handle, cleaning the gutters or even assembling flat pack furniture is an anathema. By hiring a handyman in London, you can save yourself from having to do any of these tasks, ever again! The team at The Handy Squad are a friendly bunch of experienced handymen, each one background checked and vetted by the company. We also furnish many of our team with scooters, perfect for getting around the notorious London traffic!

The team are ready to take on your DIY projects including decorating and are just a call away. While they typically work on a time based rate, we also offer a great range of packages, offering a single price solution for a range of needs for example a two hour session securing your home (perfect if you have just moved) or two hours baby proofing your home (ready for the new arrival).

While many feel the pressure to take household tasks into their own hands, possibly out of pride or budgetary concerns, perhaps it’s time to consider the ramifications of return on investment of both the time and costs. If you spend an afternoon and £100 on wallpapering equipment, only to find six months down the line that the paper is peeling, it is less efficient than paying a handyman in London to do it right in the first place, as per the old adage “buy cheap, buy twice