Has your dog chewed up your kettle’s plug or wire? We can fix it. Welcome to the Handy Squad.

If any of your electrical appliances (i.e. heaters, toasters) plug is damaged or faulty, it doesn’t mean you need to buy a new one as the plug can be replaceable. Our electricians in London are able to replace any appliances that come with a moulded plug, replace a 13-amp plug, replace non-moulded plugs and replace a new plug to your kettle’s mains cable.

No matter what happened, our professional London electricians will be able to give you a helping hand. Give us a call on 0800-0 12 12 12 or request a free quote by filling our online form.

In case you have any electrical faults, our highly-experienced team is able to check if the plugs have been incorrectly wired, check if they have the correct fuse fitted or any loose connections, and then understand if the plug can be replaced or repaired. In some cases, the fuse of the plug needs to be replaced.

Maybe you have an old plug which could be a safety hazard, don’t worry. We’ll replace the plug efficiently and in a timely manner. A new electrical plug can help extend your electrical appliances’ life and prevent further damage or a fire.

Our highly-experienced electricians also have the expertise to perform pat tests, electrical installation condition reports, replace light fittings, install 2 way switch, replace old cable trunking, change hard-to-reach lightbulbs, replace pull-cords, test lighting circuits, replace sockets and replace cables and wires.

At the Handy Squad we also offer a variety of other services. Our decorators are able to do a small touch-up or paint your entire home; our carpenters can repair sash windows, lay new wooden flooring, assemble kitchen units and create bespoke shelves; our plumbers are experienced in unblocking toilets, repairing radiators and installing taps; our locksmiths can fit a new lock in your door, install CCTV surveillance and our general handymen can hang curtains up, draught proof homes, cable tidy and replace ceiling tiles.

If you have a different electrical concern or problem, don’t hesitate to give our team a call on 0800-0 12 12 12 or request a quote for your required job by filling our online form.