Do you need an electric circuit to be tested to see if the current flows? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Perhaps you changed a lightbulb in a lighting fixture, but the light didn’t turn on. Don’t worry, the Handy Squad will do some troubleshooting and fix this problem as soon as possible. At the Handy Squad we are able to test the lighting circuits in order to see what could be causing this lighting issue.

Our London electricians also undertake lighting circuit polarity tests to confirm the right connection of conductors within a circuit, as well as insulation resistance tests to understand if there is a high level of resistance or a low level of resistance to understand if there is little current or a large amount of current escaping through the insulation.

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Have you added a new ceiling light, or a new bedroom light and it isn’t working? We understand that you want to get it fixed before it gets dark, so the best thing to do is to call an electrician to test the voltage of the lighting circuit or to undertake a continuity test to check if the current flows throughout the circuit. A continuity tester will apply a small voltage to one end of the light circuit and measure it on the other end.

Additionally, our electricians in London are able to perform polarity tests in both residential and commercial buildings, ensuring that all fuses, switches and circuit breakers are connected correctly within the circuit. Electrical polarity regards the direction of the current flow in the circuit. We can test polarity of lighting circuits or transformers.

Besides checking lighting circuits, our highly-experienced team is able to change your kitchen lighting, replace a light transformer, install a pendant light fitting, replace a light socket, wire a new plug, trunk electrical cables, amongst many other electrical jobs you might require.

The Handy Squad offers a variety of other services, including installing waste disposal units, unblocking toilets, fitting an isolation valve, laying new wood flooring, building fitted shelves, installing partition walls, putting up Venetian blinds, draught proofing your home and repainting your office.

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