Partition walls

Looking for a carpenter to build and install a partition wall in London? Our London carpenters we’ll be right at your door to give you a helping hand. Our team will be able to construct the partition wall, add electrical and plumbing fixtures before decorating and also decorate your new partition wall. If you are looking to have a window in your partition wall, we can help you with that too, so you don’t have to look any further.

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Creating a partition wall is the best way to organise your space in an efficient way, instead of jumping to the thought that you’ll need a bigger house. Whether you are looking for a commercial partition wall or a residential partition wall, our expert team will give you an extra pair of hands.

Perhaps you have two children, but only one room available for both and don’t have the means to get a bigger house at the moment. Creating a partition wall is the best of both worlds and the easiest way to create some extra space.

From constructing the partition wall to adding electrical and plumbing fixtures – our team will have your new space ready in no time. We can also create a doorway in your new wall if required, matching the thickness of the timber and plasterboard used in the partition wall. To finish, we can decorate your new wall to blend in with the rest your house or office décor.

The Handy Squad also offers a variety of other carpentry jobs you might require, from laying new flooring to building and fitting new shelves. For any occasional maintenance, our London handyman can help with any odd jobs you require, our electricians can change those hard-to-reach lightbulbs and our decorators can make small touch-ups or repaint your whole home or office.

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Typical jobs

  • Construct partition wall
  • Move electrical and plumbing points
  • Decorate partition wall