/ Latest News / 8th February 2016

Spring Clean Your Garden with Jet Wash Services from Handy Squad

Winter can be unkind to your garden. Quite apart from most of your plants being dead or sleeping, the paths, patios and steps that looked great in the summer have had dead leaves blown across them and dirt washed over in the rain. By the time the garden’s waking up for spring, what was gleaming stonework is likely to be looking dingy, and your garden furniture could be the worse for wear, whether it’s been out for the winter or stored away somewhere.

Handy Squad can turn your drab winter garden back the way it was with a thorough jet wash.

Paving Stones

Paving stones, whether a patio or a path, look great when they’re first laid, showing up brightly against the green of your garden. Unfortunately, they can easily get dirty, with dirt getting not only between the stones but into the tiny cracks and crevices in the stones themselves. You’re also likely to find unsightly weeds growing up between slabs.

Handy Squad can jet wash your paving stones, the high-pressure water scouring out dirt from the tiniest crack and shredding weeds. It’ll also wash away any loose grouting from between the slabs, and if this has crumbled too much, it could be time to have your paving regrouted. Handy Squad can remove broken grouting and insert fresh cement in the gaps. Not only will your paving look fresher, but the new grouting will also prevent weeds from growing for several years.

Stone Steps

The last thing you want is for your steps, front or back, to cause accidents. Unfortunately, stone steps are prone to just that, since a barely visible layer of moss can grow over the surface, which is slippery when it gets wet. Even if they seem clean, it’s as well to regularly have your stone steps jet washed, to make them safe.

Garden Furniture

If you have wooden garden chairs or tables, they’re likely to get dirty, and they may suffer some rot on the surface. Jet washing your garden furniture cleans out the dirt and any small pieces of rotten wood from the fibres, leaving them almost like new.

To preserve it in its new state and make sure it’s longer till the next jet wash is needed, Handy Squad can treat your wooden garden furniture with wood oil after cleaning. The oil protects the wood against whatever the weather throws at it, as well as prevents it from rotting. If you have the full service, you’ll be extending the life of your garden furniture.

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