Installing Security Systems

Do you want to secure your property with a security system? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Installing security systems are important to keep your business or your home safe. At the Handy Squad your security is our priority, thus we’ll make sure all home security systems and business security systems we install are done perfectly and in a timely manner.

Whether you are looking to install security cameras around your property premises or install a burglar alarm at your home, our London team will be able to give you a helping hand. Look no further for security system installation, give our team a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a quote by filling our booking form.

There are a variety of different security systems to choose from to improve your overall home or office security. Among these there are video surveillance systems, security alarm systems and door entry systems. Aside from these systems, we also have London electricians who will be able to security lighting outside your home for added security.

With video surveillance systems such as CCTV cameras, you are able to monitor who visits your business and where they are around the building, inside or outside. Security cameras will also aid in the process of apprehending someone who has vandalised your business premises or broken-in your home.

Alarm systems will detect an intruder with motion sensors, window sensors or glass break detectors and have different ways to raise the alarm, including loud noises, informing the police and even informing you via text. Many commercial buildings also have a panic button, which will inform the police quickly.

Door entry systems will give your property secure access by only allowing verified individuals to have access to the building. Among the various door entry systems there are keyless entry systems, including card access systems, electronic keypad systems and biometric systems which will use fingerprints, for example, to identify individuals.

If you are too overwhelmed with the security systems choice, at the Handy Squad we can give you professional advice on which system is more suitable for your home or office. Give our friendly team a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 of fill our online booking form to request a quote.