Unblock sinks

Do you require a plumber in London to unblock your sink? The Handy Squad has a team of qualified plumbers ready to assist you with your blockage situation. If your sink is draining slowly, try to fix it as quickly as possible, as it might lead to overflow and serious leaks.

Our team of London plumbers have been unblocking sinks, toilets and showers since 2005, so you know they’ll take care of your plumbing issue efficiently and with excellence.

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If you get home and there is an awful smell in the kitchen, the water drains slowly, you hear strange gurgling noises as the water drains or the sink is full of dirty water – it means you have a blockage that needs to be dealt with promptly.

In case the water is not draining away at all, then you may be able to unblock your kitchen sink by opening the trap and seeing what is in it – often, coffee granules can build up over time and need emptying out.

Our expert plumbers are able to install valves and joints, repair flush mechanisms, replace showers, install macerators and replace radiators. Besides plumbing, The Handy Squad also offers decoration, carpentry, jet washing, moving services, locksmith services, electrician services and general handyman services.


The Handy Squad have professionals who are able to undertake a variety of jobs, including applying new silicone around basins, jet washing garden furniture, fitting new locks, building partition walls, constructing bespoke shelves, fixing sash windows and installing lighting circuit cables.

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