Unblock showers

If you require an expert plumber in London to unblock your shower – Handy Squad will be right at your door to help you with any blockage issues your plumbing might have. We understand that it isn’t a glamourous task, but we don’t mind getting our hands dirty with the job. You can see our team all across London in their unmistakable yellow scooters ready to aid you and give you a helping hand with your plumbing problems.

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 If you don’t have a hair catcher or a hair trap in your shower, hair will get stuck in the drain and most likely create a blockage. It is common for hair to get stuck in shower drains as it is inevitable for some of it to fall when it is being washed. If blocked drains are not taken care of quickly and professionally it can lead to bigger plumbing problems, such as overflowing.

When you don’t have enough time to deal with these sort of plumbing issues, forget being frustrated with it and call a professional who can do the job perfectly and in a timely manner. Our plumbing team can handle a variety of plumbing jobs, such as macerators and waste disposal unit installation, radiator repairs, including bleeding and balancing, or overhauling valves and shower replacement.

The Handy Squad also covers a variety of other crafts that you might require, including locksmith services, carpentry services, electrician services and decorator services. Our professionals are able to remove old silicone from around bath or shower tray, installing wood flooring, assembling new kitchen units and draught proofing your home.

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