Unblock basins

Looking for a plumber in London to unblock your basin? The Handy Squad will be right at your door, ready to successfully complete the task in a prompt manner. Our London plumbers have been unblocking basins, sinks, toilets and showers since 2005, so you can be rest assured that your plumbing fixtures will be in good hands. You can find us all around London in our distinctive yellow scooters, so why not give your local plumber a call?

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If your bathroom basin is taking a long time to drain after you’ve had the tap on for a little while, it probably means that the drain is clogged.

A clogged drain must be taken care of quickly as it could lead to more serious problems, such as a leak. Our professional team of plumbers will have a look at your basin and assess the clog situation, and then take the due action.

Besides knowing how to unblock basins, unclog toilets, and unblock showers, our highly-qualified plumbers in London have an array of skills, including: installing taps and valves, replacing washing machines, repairing leaking water taps, installing toilets and bidets, replacing dishwashersinstalling pipes and traps and repairing toilets and cisterns.


At The Handy Squad we also have a variety of other professionals who deal with decoration services, electrician services, home makeover services, carpentry services, and general handyman services. Our certified team is able to assemble office furniture, fit a new toilet seat, replace ceiling tiles, install new sockets, replace cupboard door hinge, board up a doorway and plaster over, and much more.

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