Repair radiators

Did you come home on a cold winter night to find your radiator not heating up? Maybe you’ve found water below your radiator? Both of those are not good signs. The Handy Squad will be able to fix the situation and make sure you’re ready for the winter months. Our London plumbers are experts at repairing radiators, including balancing radiators, bleeding radiators and overhauling valves.

Our plumbers in London can also assist you with other plumbing services you might require, from unblocking toilets, installing garden taps, replacing showers, unblocking baths, installing waste disposers, and much more.

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Radiators can stop working at any time, however, you’ll most likely realise that your radiator isn’t working properly during the winter months, when you most need it. Radiator maintenance is an essential job in almost every home as more than half of UK households are equipped with gas central heating.

If none of your radiators are working, then the first thing to check would be the central thermostat to see if it is turned on and is set higher than the current ambient room temperature.

It is vital to bleed your radiators – it can make your heating more efficient and save you money on gas heating costs. Trapped air in the radiator is the cause of many radiator problems, such as causing radiators to not work properly and to get cold spots, reducing the radiator’s efficiency which could lead to mould and damp.

You might notice some strange noises coming from your radiator, which means air may be present in the pipes, which will therefore require the radiator to be bled. Radiators are not supposed to have air trapped inside, only water.

Furthermore, your radiators will need balancing when you find that some radiators get warm while others don’t. Balancing radiators will ensure that every radiator you have in your home or office will get equally hot.

Leaking is also a common problem in radiators. There are various types of leaks, inclusive of leaking from the radiator body, leaking from the radiator valve, leaking form the radiator spindle, leaking from the radiator gland and leaking from the radiator pipe joint. These leaks could have been caused by corrosion, internal damage or loose joints. If your radiator has any leaks, it should be repaired quickly as it could lead to flooding and no heating whatsoever.

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