Install toilets

If you’re seeking a plumber in London to install your toilet, the Handy Squad are the perfect professionals for the job. Our London plumbers have the necessary skills to install any plumbing fixture you may require, from toilets, urinals to bidets and showers. Are you renovating your bathroom entirely or simply replacing your old toilet with a brand-new one?

No matter the situation, the Handy Squad will be able to fit your new toilet in your master bathroom, children’s bathroom or guest bathroom. In case your toilet has stopped working and you don’t want to let go of your special throne; our experienced plumbers will be able to repair your toilet.

To get your new toilet fitted in no time, give your local plumber a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a free online booking by filling out our online form.

Before calling your local plumber, you’ll have to purchase a toilet, which can be very overwhelming – toilets come in an abundance of types, styles, designs, sizes and flushing options.

Firstly, you’ll have to consider the location of the toilet and the dimensions of the toilet, allowing sufficient space in front of it. Additionally, each type of toilet will require a different type of plumbing connection. If this seems too much, don’t hesitate to contact our team for professional advice.

Toilets are available in the following styles: close coupled toilet, closed-back toilet, corner toilet, wall hung toilet or wall mounted toilet, water saving toilet, smart toilet, low level toilet, high level toilet and comfort height toilet. You’ll also have to consider the flushing system – dual-flush toilet, double-cyclone toilet, waterless toilet, pressure-assisted toilet, gravity-feed toilet and touchless flush toilet.

The bowl shape of the toilet is another important aspect that relates to the overall comfort of the toilet. This could be an elongated toilet bowl, round-front toilet bowl or a compact elongated toilet bowl.

Our expert plumbers will fit a toilet seat, urinal or bidet in your residential or commercial building in an efficient and timely manner. To finish your bathroom décor, our handymen London are able to install toilet dispensers, hang bathroom mirrors, fit bathroom cupboards and install a bath and install a bath screen.

Request a free online booking today by filling out our online form or contact our friendly team on 0800-0-12-12-12.