Odd Jobs

From cutting onions to fitting toilet seats. No one loves odd jobs like we do here at the Handy Squad, we have dealt with multiple peculiar tasks and one thing we can say is: no job is too big or too small for us. Anything you may need help with, we’re the ones you should call. Our London handymen are ready for a challenge whether it is baby proofing homes, cable tidying or even lifting and shifting furniture. Simply give our friendly team a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a free quote by filling our online booking form.

Bath screens

Installing a bath screen is a perfect example of why the Handy Squad exists. Our

Boxing in

If you want that ugly pipework hidden, get one of our handymen round to box it i

Cable tidying

Those loose cables can be both irritating and dangerous. Get one of our handymen

Ceiling tiles

Fancy getting those stained and broken ceiling tiles replaced? Why not order fro

Draught proofing

Draught proofing your home is an easy way to save money on your heating bill. Re

Lift & shift furniture

Our handymen do loads of small lifting and shifting jobs from moving boxes, furn

Toilet seats

Whether you need a new toilet seat fitted or just a tweak to the existing seat,

When you don’t know who to call for a particular job, we’re the ones to get in touch with. The Handy Squad has been helping customers since 2005, so if quality is what you need then look no further as our highly skilled handy team are perfect for any service you require. From installing bath screens, boxing in pipes and replacing ceiling tiles to draught proofing homes, installing gun cabinets and replacing toilet seats.

We cover the whole of London, so no matter where you are, we can easily reach you. Have you searched for a handyman in Mortlake? Perhaps you are looking for a handyman in Battersea? Or maybe a handyman in Ealing? From North London to South London, from East London to West London – our team of highly-experienced handymen will be able to give you a helping hand with any job you might require.

If it is just a second pair of hands you need, we can assist you with any task. We’ll be there to help with any unusual request. Just give us a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a quote for free by booking online with us. Remember if you don’t know who to call for a specific job, the Handy Squad can provide skilled team members to do whatever it is you need, no matter how bizarre it seems.