Do you have a loud bathroom fan or an extractor fan that stopped working? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Extractor fans reduce bad odours and moisture in the air in kitchens and bathrooms, thus preventing mould, mildew or rot problems. Bathroom extractor fans or kitchen extractor fans are mostly used in rooms which aren’t well ventilated or that don’t have windows in order to help prevent the issues stated before.

In case you have an old extractor fan, a noisy extractor fan or if your extractor fan stops working, you might want to get it replaced. Our London electricians are highly-experienced and will undertake any electrical job with efficiency and in a timely manner. Give us a call on 0800-0 12 12 12 or request a quote by filling our online booking form.

There are a variety of extractor fans, centrifugal extractor fans are installed through the ceiling and axial fans can be installed through a wall or through a glass window. If your extractor fan is making a grating noise or a mechanical grinding noise, or it has simply fan stopped working – it is a sign that it needs replacing. The motor on the extractor fan might have worn out or it could be a simple case of cleaning the fan, as with time dust and dirt might clog the motor.

Perhaps you have a very noisy fan in your bathroom and it’s keeping you up at night, right after the most relaxing shower you’ve had in weeks. If noise is an issue, our electricians in London will be able to switch the fan with a new quieter one. Or perhaps the extractor fan you have installed isn’t powerful enough to reduce the moisture in the air? Our team will replace it for a more powerful one as soon as possible.

Our professional electricians besides replacing and installing ceiling extractor fans, are qualified to change light switches, replace light fittings, install new led light bulbs, test portable appliances, replace junction boxes, replace bathroom pull cords, among many other electrics jobs.

If you are looking for other handymen services, the Handy Squad offers a variety of other services, including installing showers, replacing cupboard door hinges, installing exterior and interior motion sensors, UK & European removals, office maintenance & repairsreplacing Belfast sinks and decorating partition walls.

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