Want to hang brick wallpaper in your room? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Perhaps committing to a painted wall is too much for you right now, and that’s totally okay. Or maybe you want to renovate your room, but are looking for something special – why not choose wallpaper? With the wide variety of wallpaper there is out there, you’ll find the ideal wallpaper for your room in no time.

Hanging wallpaper is not an easy job, particularly if it is patterned. It is also more expensive than paint if you get it wrong, however the Handy Squad has the skill and experience to give you a great finish. Give our team a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a quote by completing our online booking form.

A great thing about wallpaper is its flexibility, you can have a whole room decorated with wallpaper which is quite bold or simply have a feature wall covered in wallpaper. There are so many different wallpapers you can choose from, so you are bound to find the ideal wallpaper for you room.

Maybe you are looking for kitchen wallpaper, living room wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper or bedroom wallpaper – for these rooms there are so many types and styles of wallpapers that can be hung up, including grey wallpaper, glitter wallpaper, 3D wallpaper, silver wallpaper, black wallpaper, geometric wallpaper or perhaps a wallpaper of your favourite beach destination, which will give your room a relaxing and calming feel to it.

Besides the variety of design choice, with wallpapers there is also the wallpaper material choice. There is vinyl wallpaper, lining paper, embossed wallpaper, liquid wallpaper, fibreglass wallpaper, bamboo wallpaper, textile wallpaper, glasscloth wallpaper, pre-pasted wallpaper, among others.

If having too much choice is making you reluctant to the idea of wallpaper, you can always go back to the traditional way and paint your room. Our London decorators can paint any surface of your home or office you require – we can paint stairs, paint furniture, paint door frames, paint offices or paint entire houses.

Asides from painting and hanging wallpaper, our highly-experienced team will be able to repair any cracks in your walls, apply silicone on your bathroom sink, gloss doors and repair plaster walls.

Our decorators in London can take on any wallpaper installation you might require, so why not give us a call on 0800-0-12-12-12 or request a quote by completing our online booking form.