Property Maintenance in Mayfair W1

In need of property maintenance services in Mayfair? Perfect, welcome to the Handy Squad. We offer a comprehensive range of property maintenance services to ensure your property is always in tip top shape, including repairing plaster walls, testing portable appliances, repairing leaky pipes, installing washing machines, replacing lightbulbs and much more. Request a free quote today by filling our online booking form or give our team a call on 0800-0 12 12 12.

Mayfair is one of London’s most affluent and luxurious areas, known for its luxury hotels, high-end fashion boutiques and art galleries. This area gets its name from the annual May Fair festival which was held in the area for more than 100 years until it was banned in 1764.

Whether you require our team to do a one-off visit to your property or a more regular service, the Squad can help. You might have compiled a list of tasks for us to complete or perhaps you want us to come around to see what needs to be done. Our team will be able to help you either way plus, whilst completing tasks, we are also able to spot small issues before they turn into costly repairs.

Our property maintenance services include many services which you might require, such as repairing door locks, draughtproof houses, repairing broken tiles, re-grouting paving, testing portable appliances, fitting wooden flooring and more. Amongst our team, we have carpenters, locksmiths, decorators, plumbers, electricians and general handyman who will be able to help with any task you require. Request a quote by filling our online booking form or give our team a call on 0800-0 12 12 12.