Property maintenance in Peckham SE15

Searching for property maintenance services in Peckham? Welcome to the Handy Squad. We offer a comprehensive selection of property maintenance services in London and around its surrounding areas. These services include draughtproofing homes, replacing damaged plugs, building bespoke shelves, repairing holes on walls, applying silicone around basins, and much more. If you need these or any other property maintenance service to ensure your property is always in great condition, feel free to give us a call on 0800-0-12-12-12.

Peckham is part of one of the 35 major centres in Greater London, sitting in the London Borough of Southwark. This district is known for being a melting pot of communities and ethnicities that make its high street a vibrant, multicultural hotspot.

Have you been compiling a list of tasks that need to be completed around your home, but you simply can’t find time to do them yourself? Perhaps you have some property-related issues that need to be completed asap by a professional team, but you haven’t found the right one? The Handy Squad to the rescue.

We can undertake a variety of property maintenance tasks that you might require, from preventative property maintenance tasks to corrective property maintenance tasks and even cosmetic property maintenance tasks – whichever you require! It’s important to tackle certain tasks sooner than later, so if you simply need our team to have a look at your property to see what needs to be done, we can do that too. Request a free quote today by filling our online booking form.