Handyman in Piccadilly W1 London

If you need a Handyman in Piccadilly W1 London, Handy Squad has Piccadilly covered. Our handymen on their distinctive yellow scooters can be seen along its length, from Hyde Park Corner to Eros, so why not give your Piccadilly handyman a call? Our London handyman experts have been solving problems both big and small for our clients since 2005, so you can rest easy.

Piccadilly (named for a 17th century maker of “piccadills” or lace ruffs who lived on the street) is one of the most prestigious shopping streets in London, boasting iconic stores such as Fortnum and Mason, the 200-year-old bookshop Hatchards and the upmarket shops of the 19th century Burlington Arcade. Several luxury hotels line Piccadilly, including the most famous of them all, the Ritz.

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North of Piccadilly is the grandeur of Mayfair, while to the south lie Green Park and St James’s. Among Piccadilly’s many iconic buildings are Wren’s church of St James, also used as a concert venue, and Burlington House, home to the Royal Academy and several eminent scientific societies.

If you’re looking for a handyman in Piccadilly, Handy Squad covers carpentry, decorating, plumbing, electrical work and much more. From plastering and painting to fitting toilet seats, our handymen have the experience and qualifications for them all and take every job seriously. And, even if you come up with a job we haven’t thought of, they have the flexibility to complete it successfully.

To book your handyman in Piccadilly London, just give us a ring on 0800-0-12 12 12. Or, if you’d prefer, drop us a message on our contact form.