Electrician in Surbiton

If you need an electrician in Surbiton the Handy Squad has the whole KT postcode area covered. You can see us all around London in our unmistakable yellow scooters and we can handle any situation, so why not give your Surbiton electrician a call?

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Electrical Jobs We Do

Finding Faults and Repairs

Whether your doorbell has stopped working or you have lost all power in your hom


While our handymen can change those hard-to-reach light bulbs, if the actual soc


Our qualified electricians are perfect for replacing all electrical items and ap


We can install new switches, sockets and fittings, together with additional ligh

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Are you a landlord or home owner who needs a EICR? Click here to find out more.

Surbiton is a town in the south of Kingston, next to the River Thames. The largely residential district has a mixture of Art Deco buildings, more recent residential blocks and grand Victorian townhouses.

Did things get out of hand and one of your light bulbs explode? We’ll be right at your door to replace it and investigate if the circuit has been overloaded.

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