Decorators in Dalston E8

Searching for a painter and decorator in Dalston? The Handy Squad have a team of London painters and decorators who can help accommodate your design needs! From small tidying up jobs, such as painting skirting boards and repairing holes in walls left by picture frames, to bigger makeovers, such as painting house exteriors or hanging wallpaper all around your home, we have the experts for you. Contact us today to request a booking for your decorating jobs.

Filling cracks in walls

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Plaster patch repair

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Wallpaper hanging

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Fixing ceiling cracks

However well your home has been decorated, there will always be little cracks th

Repairing holes in walls

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Dalston is known as a trendy, edgy and up and coming area of London. Located in the London Borough of Hackney, Dalston is rapidly becoming a hub for youngsters moving to the London area. It has so much to offer from vintage clothing stores to chic cocktail bars, not to mention the fabulous range of global restaurants such as Turkish and Caribbean. Another unique feature of Dalston’s social life, is that it has many basement/underground clubs and bars such as Junction House and Moustache Bar Dalston.

Our team at can help to redecorate commercial and residential properties in and around Dalston, through a range of different services. One example of the jobs we carry out, is filling cracks in walls, such as those that appear around windows or throughout internal walls. These cracks can appear for a number of different reasons including invasive tree roots, climate changes or even vibrations from nearby traffic.

We can also fix holes in walls that are a result of picture hooks for example. With our many years of expert knowledge, we can effectively fill and repair these cracks, as well as assessing the severity of the crack and if it requires further treatment or investigation. By adding such a small change to your property, you can transform the room and leave it looking fresh.

We also offer a service for bigger holes in plaster walls, such as those left behind from old light switches or doorknobs. Repairing plaster walls is a service we have been offering for over a decade, so we have a vast range of knowledge in the area. Allow us to complete the job and save you the time and hassle of attempting it DIY style.

If these are some of the decorating jobs you were hoping to get sorted, or perhaps you’re looking at painting some walls or hanging up wallpaper, then contact us today on 0800-0-12-12-12  or fill in our online form for a free quote. We also offer additional services alongside decorating, including electrics, plumbing and carpentry.