Decorators in Brent Cross NW2, NW11

Are you searching for a painter decorator in Brent Cross? Do you need help refurbishing your indoor space? If so, our team at The Handy Squad are here to help! From small decorating jobs to more challenging tasks, we can help provide you with the services you need for an interior makeover.

Filling cracks in walls

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Plaster patch repair

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The Handy Squad is there for anything from a small paint touch-up to painting yo

Wallpaper hanging

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Fixing ceiling cracks

However well your home has been decorated, there will always be little cracks th

Repairing holes in walls

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Brent Cross is located in North London, home to a vast array of commercial outlets. It offers retail clothing stores, restaurants, fast-food chains and even a beach-themed amusement park, The Beach Brent Cross, which opens in the summer. Clearly, the area is full of hustle and bustle, with plentiful opportunities to engage customers. That’s why it makes the perfect location for our team to help with your decorating needs!

Maybe you need help redecorating your shop? Or does your home require a few touch ups? How about an added splash of colour in your bathroom? Our expert team at The Handy Squad have many years of experience and knowledge to provide the professional service you are looking for, including painting. They can paint kitchen cabinets, paint stairs, paint offices, paint bathrooms, the list goes on!

We also understand the importance of preparing your property for painting, by protecting surfaces and furniture. That’s why within our service, we offer to prepare your surface prior to painting, to ensure the best possible results. As well as painting, we can also provide the tools to help wallpaper your walls too, if this is what you’d prefer. Hanging wallpaper can often be a tricky job, which we know most people are scared to try. So don’t worry, we’ll do it so that you don’t have to!

Another big part of decorating is fixing any current issues in your space, using methods such as plaster repair, so that everything ends up looking brand-new! At The Handy Squad, we can fix ceiling cracks, wall cracks, or fill in any holes, as well as assessing the severity of these damages. Hair line cracks are usually an easy fix and can often occur quite naturally, but larger cracks may be an area of concern. Our team of London decorators can examine the crack and direct you towards the next step.

So, if you’ve been searching for a ‘decorator near me’ or ‘painter near me’, look no further! We promise to provide you with an efficient, high-quality and expert service to redesign your interior space, with customer satisfaction at the forefront of our job. Contact us today by calling 0800-0-12-12-12 or fill in our online form to get a quote regarding the service you require