This Month’s Tradesman

Bill Norman

General Handyman

Age: 43

Skills: Bill is our longest serving and fastest operating handyman. His broad range of skills cover all general property maintenance tasks and everything handyman related!

Vehicle: Scooter

How long at Handy Squad: 12 years

Previous work: Done a lot of carpentry previously, always been good with my hands.

How I got into this trade: I saw an ad in a newspaper over 10 years ago to work for the Handy Squad and at that time was working on site as a carpenter doing a few months work here and there around London. I wanted a more permanent job so switched to work full-time at the Handy Squad.

Why I like working at Handy Squad: I like working here because they treat us well and every day is different, You get to meet new people and take on different challenges daily. Also my knowledge of London is not far off that of a black cab driver now!

Most usual job: Hanging pictures and flat pack assembly

Oddest job: I was once asked to hang some giant paper mache body parts above a doorway. I will leave that to your imagination!

What I do in my spare time: In my spare time I make pictures of pop stars, film stars etc. from broken vinyl records I also make house music in my small home studio and do a bit of DJing.