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How to make your home look its best for a buyer...

1. First impressions count
The outside of your property will give the first, crucial glimpse of what is to come and can have an enormous impact on how the buyer will feel about the property overall.

  • Buy two smart pots and plant bay trees either side of your front door. This will give a contemporary and elegant appearance to the entrance. Fake Landscapes on the Brompton Road do fantastically real (but zero maintenance) artificial bay trees and box hedging
  • Give your front door a fresh lick of paint. A gloss charcoal grey or navy would give the door an expensive look. Stick to traditional heritage colours for period properties: try Railings or Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball
  • Get rid of your tatty old doormat and add something with character from www.notonthehighstreet.com, where they have a selection of coir and rubber doormats with a British twist
  • Update your ironmongery to complete the transformation

2. Appeal to all the senses
While focusing on making your home easy on the buyer's eye, don't forget to make it also smell and feel good.
  • Make sure that your lights are softly dimmed (or if you don't have a dimmer switch, replace your light bulbs for a low wattage bulb) to give the rooms a gentle glow. Harsh lighting is not welcoming and will show up any flaws in your paintwork. Accent lighting in the form of decorative table lamps from Vaughan Lighting will help to enhance a feeling of warmth and softness
  • Scented candles will also give a luxurious aroma; try a Diptyque Baies scented candle from John Lewis
  • In the bathrooms, buy two large glass hurricane vases and fill with The White Company’s Seychelles pot pourri for gorgeous, scented accessorising. Combine this with some bouncy soft new towels and, voila, your bathroom is no longer a bathroom but  a spa
  • Drape your sofas or the end of your bed with a soft cashmere throw or cushions, to give a tactile and luxurious feel

3. Create a sense of space
A cluttered and badly organised home can be very off-putting and can make your property look a lot smaller than it is. You want to give a sense of openness and tranquillity.
  • To make rooms seem lighter ensure your windows are sparkling clean; clear junk off window sills and keep curtains pulled back with decorative tie backs (try Osborne & Little)
  • Re-organise your furniture so that there is an easy sense of flow through your home. Large pieces of furniture should go into storage; this will make rooms feel much bigger
  • Pack your clutter into boxes, leaving only your most attractive accessories and books on display. Alternatively, put up some contemporary floating shelves and arrange your decorative items stylishly

4. Stand out from the crowd
Once you have convinced your viewer that this could be their new home, help them to remember it.
  • Create a striking gallery wall in the hall or living room, by painting it a feature colour, such as Paint & Paper Library Tarlatan, and framing a collection of simple black and white postcards with a broad white mount and black frame from Habitat
  • Update a chest of drawers by giving it a makeover with a contemporary paint colour and new handles
  • Choose a stunning wallpaper from Cole & Son, as a feature behind the bed in the master bedroom to add interest and character

If you would like any further interior design advice, please contact the design team at Amory Brown on info@amorybrown.co.uk or visit www.amorybrown.co.uk to view their portfolio.

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