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Client Comments
“Absolutely first class, The Handy Squad are always on time, do an excellent job and work quietly and efficiently at all times with a minimum of fuss.”
Matthew Williamson
“The Handy Squad are the answer to everyone's prayers, especially the DIY challenged like myself. They're efficient, reliable, well-priced, trustworthy & deeply friendly.”
Tom Parker Bowles
“Fantastic for those jobs you know you ought to get done, but don’t get time to do. The handymen are exceptionally conscientious & are always extremely polite & helpful. The service is invaluable!”
Loyd Grossman
“Efficient, friendly, professional. The Handy Squad is the perfect service for an often-absent husband.”
Ben Fogle
“The service was great, Bill was lovely and although I gave him an endless list that I thought he would never finish, he did and I had to think up more.”
Samantha Cameron


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Three Signs You Should Call an Electrician in London (13 Nov 2015)

Electricity is a wonderful thing, but it is also a hazard. Electrical faults could potentially lead to electrocution or fire and should therefore be repaired promptly and by a qualified professional electrician in London. But when it's just a minor fault, what is just a "quirk" of your home's wiring and what is something that needs professional attention? If you observe any of the following in your home, it is probably time to book a good electrician in London.

Skilled Jobs for a Professional Handyman in London (3 Nov 2015)

There are plenty of things that a capable and practical person can do for themselves around the home. There are other jobs which are so simple that just about anyone will treat them as a DIY matter. However, even if you are quite practical-minded and good at DIY, there are certain skilled and important tasks that you should most likely leave to a professional handyman in London

Common Office Repairs in London (30 Oct 2015)

Keeping your office in good repair is vital to making sure your business continues to operate at peak efficiency. There are many kinds of office repairs in London available, and countless London offices booking in all kinds of work, but some of the most common different kinds of repair include:


Office Maintenance in London: Reducing Disruption (14 Oct 2015)

Regular and good-quality office maintenance in London is important if you want to keep your business operating at full efficiency in the long term and provide a safe, pleasant and appropriate environment for your employees. However, as far as shorter-term productivity goes, office maintenance can look counter-productive, as it can seriously disrupt working operations. Nonetheless, there are a few steps you can take to minimise this disruption while maintenance work is ongoing.

What Makes a Good Plumber in London? (7 Oct 2015)

There are many reasons you might want to call a plumber in London, and countless plumbers that you could call. But what makes a good plumber in London as opposed to a mediocre one? There are several factors that go into that.
Happy Customers
Happy Customers
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