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Client Comments
“The Handy Squad are the answer to everyone's prayers, especially the DIY challenged like myself. They're efficient, reliable, well-priced, trustworthy & deeply friendly.”
Tom Parker Bowles
“Absolutely first class, The Handy Squad are always on time, do an excellent job and work quietly and efficiently at all times with a minimum of fuss.”
Matthew Williamson
“Fantastic for those jobs you know you ought to get done, but don’t get time to do. The handymen are exceptionally conscientious & are always extremely polite & helpful. The service is invaluable!”
Loyd Grossman
“Efficient, friendly, professional. The Handy Squad is the perfect service for an often-absent husband.”
Ben Fogle
“The service was great, Bill was lovely and although I gave him an endless list that I thought he would never finish, he did and I had to think up more.”
Samantha Cameron


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When Should You Hire a Plumber in London? (27 Feb 2015)

When renovating your home, or fixing problems and breakages, it can be tempting to do the work yourself. Sometimes this is ok when the problem is simple, such as unblocking a sink or bleeding a radiator. Doing it yourself means you save money and hassle hiring a plumber, so you can get back on with your daily life with as few inconveniences as possible. 

What can a handyman in London do for you? (23 Feb 2015)

While it might be a little strong to decry DIY as the bane of many people’s lives, it would be fair to say that it is one of the most frequently avoided tasks. For many, the prospect of spending any amount of leisure time attending to jobs such as fixing the bathroom door handle, cleaning the gutters or even assembling flat pack furniture is an anathema.

Why Use a Handy Man Service in London? (6 Feb 2015)

When it comes to small jobs around the house, it can be tempting to do the job yourself – especially if you’re low on money. However, there are a number of reasons why you should consider hiring a handy man service in London. 

Office Repairs in London: The Importance of Quality (28 Jan 2015)

Sourcing office repairs in London can be a difficult process, as there are a lot of different things you will need to consider. Often, choosing a provider of office repairs in London is a careful balancing act between factors such as urgency, availability and cost. However, one factor which you should really try not to compromise on, or at least to compromise on as little as possible, is quality. 

Office Maintenance in London: Maintaining Productivity (15 Jan 2015)

In order to ensure that your business continues to operate effectively and that your premises remain in good condition and suited to your needs, you will sometimes need to source office maintenance in London. However, maintenance work has the potential to seriously disrupt the operations of your business. Overall, however, maintenance is entirely essential and even if it proves disruptive in the short term, it will normally prove decidedly beneficial in the longer term.
Happy Customers
Happy Customers
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“Before hammering, grip a nail with the teeth of a comb to protect your fingers”
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