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Client Comments
“The service was great, Bill was lovely and although I gave him an endless list that I thought he would never finish, he did and I had to think up more.”
Samantha Cameron
“The Handy Squad are the answer to everyone's prayers, especially the DIY challenged like myself. They're efficient, reliable, well-priced, trustworthy & deeply friendly.”
Tom Parker Bowles
“Absolutely first class, The Handy Squad are always on time, do an excellent job and work quietly and efficiently at all times with a minimum of fuss.”
Matthew Williamson
“Efficient, friendly, professional. The Handy Squad is the perfect service for an often-absent husband.”
Ben Fogle
“Fantastic for those jobs you know you ought to get done, but don’t get time to do. The handymen are exceptionally conscientious & are always extremely polite & helpful. The service is invaluable!”
Loyd Grossman


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Getting the Best Results from Office Maintenance in London (8 Apr 2015)

Office maintenance in London is an important subject for any business operating in the capital. Poorly maintained offices can potentially impact on productivity and employee morale, whereas well-maintained ones can help your business to be at its best in the busy, competitive and fast-moving economic landscape of London. To get the most out of office maintenance, there are a few things you should think about.

Why Choosing an Electrician in London Is Ideal (5 Apr 2015)

When choosing an electrician, London is - in many ways - the best part of the UK you can be in. There are a number of different reasons why London is a great place to be when you need to choose an electrician. The capital has many definite advantages and puts you in a better position than many people elsewhere in the country.

Water Bill Too High? Time to Find a Plumber in London (2 Apr 2015)

Your water bill should be roughly the same amount every month, and unless you know of any one-off events (for example filling up a swimming pool or leaving a hosepipe on for a prolonged amount of time) you should expect this not to change too much. If your water bill comes in and it’s suddenly a lot higher for reasons that you cannot explain, then you need to look into things further.

Office Repairs in London: The Importance of Promptness (25 Mar 2015)

When it is at all possible to get by and make do, it is very tempting to just leave office repairs in London. London is a busy city full of businesses, and maintenance work can be disruptive to their operations and financially costly. Nonetheless, it is ultimately better to ensure that office repairs in London are carried out as promptly as possible, and this is true for a number of reasons.

Why Office Maintenance in London Is Vital for Your Business (14 Mar 2015)

There are a number of reasons why you may need to seek out professionals to provide you with office maintenance in London. However, one unfortunate truth is that office maintenance can be disruptive and cost your business money. It can be tempting to ignore any problems with the condition or facilities of your office and instead make do, but in fact proper office maintenance in London is vital for the well-being and performance of your business.
Happy Customers
Happy Customers
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“When buying tiles, always purchase plenty of spares in case of breakages”
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